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  1. Anyone have the Ghost Train one of these?
  2. To anyone who has managed to get timed tickets for BML or DBGT, is this bit of the website correct? Has anyone headed into the ticket centre before the gates open and booked a slot successfully? 🤔
  3. TWD it is then! Looks like a fun day 😅 Surely the app is having a hiccup
  4. Supposedly Thorpe have altered a few parts of Mr. Brown's creation this year, including a "new" storyline ... Unfortunately I'm stuck at work today so can't go down there to have a look, but has anyone else managed to get a timed ticket today? It seemed, on a quiet Monday as well, they ran out of them by midday, so I can only assume this is now a solo experience? 🤣
  5. They were pretty old, I would bet that some were still from the Tussaud's days. Because of this, a lot of them were either dead or dying quickly (e.g. areas such as Colossus with lots of rattling, broken speaker cones). Yes Bose speakers do last a long time generally, and have done well at thorpe. They are more consumer level than they are "pro audio" though. RCF are heavy duty. Saying that though, a lot of them were newer and still okay, such as Saw and Swarm's areas. So that leads me to think that they got a deal on bulk buying from RCF and decided to do the whole pla
  6. This may be due to the speakers used for the triggers being removed - there used to be what looked like a couple of Bose 402s stacked on top of each other sat under the plane wing which played the sound effect when triggered by the train passing. These were removed over winter prior to (what we got of) the 2020 season. At the same time the new top of the fencing was added and a tall black pole type thing appeared near the wing, never been sure what that is, possibly a sensor to detect if there are people in the ride area who shouldn't be? Looks like we won't get the aud
  7. Have the Bose cannons been replaced with these? Noticed new speakers in there last season but the cannons were still in place. I agree aside from Swarm's extended queue where the audio was either extremely quiet or didn't work at all last season, maybe there was an issue and they decided to replace the whole lot to bring it in line with the rest of the park? Or could have just been that it's zoned and someone had messed with the levels. As Marc said, Swarm is currently very quiet so they must still be making adjustments. There'd be no point investing in all that new
  8. And it actually sounds good! Nice to see little things like this getting attention. It had one the other day, but it was a new version which just sounds like someone reading off a script. Not very thematic. As far as I know Colossus has never had any subs for the bass, the 2 Bose speakers have just been swapped out with what are, ultimately, superior RCF speakers, so I would think they are completely capable of giving much more bass, the settings probably just need tweaking. For example, the bass has massively improved in Inferno's station since reopening, but I don'
  9. The huge overhaul of the audio systems across the park seems to be continuing. Many new speakers that had been fitted over closed season have been connected and are working (for instance on the balcony overlooking the park when you come out of the dome, and there is now audio again on the climb up the volcano on Inferno, don't remember those speakers working for years prior). Volume levels seem to be different in many areas every time I visit, showing they're experimenting a little to find the best levels in various places. For example the audio around Stealth's plaza and queue is
  10. There's air con somewhere inside, as it was the large condenser unit mounted on the side of the building that was running, they can only run to an AC system and don't really serve other purposes as they just pump and cool refrigerant. Possibly just inside the ops rooms and back areas but still it shows activity indoors. I don't expect it to open this year either but at least it shows there is work ongoing to get it open.
  11. Noticed yesterday when queuing for Colossus that the air con for TWD building was running, and there was a sign placed on the emergency exit door near Colossus's station regarding COVID-19 safety - normal style as found around the rest of the park saying "no entry". So there must be something happening inside, probably just engineers routine testing/maintenance but hopefully the park has found a way to get it open at some point soon.
  12. I would have said the same a few weeks ago but Alton Towers have recently confirmed their attraction line up for Scarefest, and it seems that they will be operating their (probably somewhat adapted) indoor mazes. Fittingly, their new maze for this year will be outdoors. I would imagine masks will be required throughout the attractions in line with COVID guidance and perhaps we'll see actors behind perspex screens. I'm surprised that skin snatchers is returning, as it's pretty claustrophobic..
  13. Has the WWTP Radio truck from the plaza failed it's MOT? Where on earth has it been...?
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