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  1. @RobF what happened to the original Fish? I hope it was sold not scrapped. I think if Scorpion Express did return it would be a case of replacing everything. It’s an old and unreliable Rollercoaster. Scorpion Express has been rumoured to be leaving Chessington for about 3 years. Every time Scorpion Express emerges from the Closed Season it’s a bonus. I suspect the fire is the final nail in the coffin for Scorpion Express. I could be wrong.Chessington gave many people a happy surprise in 2002,when The Vampire reopened. This ride much like Scorpion Express was knackered. Vampire was even stated to be leaving. Fast forward 20 years and the ride is not leaving anytime soon. Another reason why Chessington would have a lack of reluctance to close Scourpeon Express is the new Rollercoaster opening in Project Amazon. This would technically mean Chessington have no less Rollercoasters than now. In addition Chessington stated on their long term development plan that the area would be redeveloped. If Chessington used the plot of Scorpion Express,the queline,former queline they could construct a Rapids Ride with a similar footprint to Viking River Splash. If Chessington opted for a bigger ride they could utilise the picnic area on the former Rodeo/Flying Jumbos site. If you don’t know which Picnic area I mean it’s behind Croc Drop. I believe this picnic area is called Ramasis’s Picnic Area in memory of Ramasis Revenge,the Huss Topspin that formally stood where Croc Drop is.
  2. @Matt N when I stayed at Chessington for a few days,last month I wanted to ride Tiger Rock. Unfortunately both days Tiger Rock was closed. I was told it was broken and awaiting a part. I’m hoping that next time I’m at Chessington Tiger Rock would have been repaired and opened. I’ve been to Chessington many times but haven’t ridden Tiger. Rock In fact I never rode the ride it when it was Dragon Falls.
  3. @Matt N do you know if the Pirate Log Flume at Legoland Windsor got the H&S overhaul received by Dragon Falls/Tiger Rock at Chessington? It’s sad that out of the 4 original English Merlin Log Flume’s only 2 remain. I’ve just remembered there are 3 Log Flumes in the English Merlin Theme Parks. The third Log Flume being River Rafts at Chessington.
  4. what does DIC stand for?“Even in the DIC years, Flying Fish got a new train”? Unbelievably Flying Fish is technically older than Scorpion Express. This Thorpe Park classic originally opened as Space Station Zero. This was way before Chessington Zoo became the Chessington we know today. Obviously since the days of Space Station Zero,the ride has seen many changes. The most prominent change being the rides relocation outside,twice. For those who are confused following the closure of Space Station Zero,the ride was relocated to Model World. Colossus now stands in this area. This relocation is when the original Flying Fish was born. Following many years of being Peoples first Rollercoaster experience,my Elder Cousin Natasha included,the ride closed. At this point back in 2005 the closure was thought to be permanent. Fast forward a couple of years too 2007 and the Flying Fish returned. This was due to popular demand. The ride was relocated to a site adjacent to Amity Beach. However this wasn’t the most major difference. When relocated to Amity the Fish was repainted orange,rather than the former green. Other changes included that Flying Fish didn’t have a Fish shaped fountain in the middle, or ornate gardens. Another subtle change was the renewal of the restraints. This aside Scorpion Express is more unreliable than the Flying Fish. Additionally someone told me in 2019 there were rumours of the rides removal. Please take this with a pinch of salt. I was given this information from a fellow enthusiast,and not a Merlin employee. Apart from the cosmetic transformation from the Runaway Train to Scorpion Express in 2014 the rides seen no changes. This makes me fear for the future of Scorpion Express. If Merlin are intent on keeping a ride they normally give it a complete overhaul. A perfect example is Dragon Falls. Following the closure of this ride and prior to its relaunch as Tiger Rock the ride received a massive mechanical refurbishment.
  5. This is the reply Chessington Buzz gave to someone’s question on Twitter. The post is regarding the future of Scorpion Express. “It's future has long since been in the balance given its age and the availability of original ride hardware. Regardless of the recent incident it was always on the list for 'renew or replace' in future plans. Holds many memories but it's time might just be up... We'll see”. This response backs up my claims that a few years ago Scorpion Express was rumoured to be closing.
  6. @Mattgwisethe ride will definitely reopen then just with a new front carriage.
  7. @Mark9 how bad does the damage to Scorpion Express appear to be?
  8. @RobF I hope your correct and Scourpeon Express has temporarily been removed from the Chessington app,while repairs are done. I love Scorpion Express it’s a true Chessington classic. It was a shame that such an old and well loved ride had a fire. IMO this fire was far sadder than the one Imperial Leather Bubbleworks had. Too be frank the Imperial Leather version of Bubbleworks was a crap and annoying ride. It was certainly the worst ride Chessington had or will ever had. The ride was made even worse by the fact it replaced Professor Burp’s Bubbleworks. This ride was far superior to Imperial Leather. If your unaware of the fire I’m talking about it happened at Christmas 2013. Basically at the time The Creaky Cafe was being used as Santa’s grotto. It was decorated with Christmas lights etc. Unfortunately one of the lights came into contact with a heater and ignited. The fire resulted in The Creaky Cafe having to be demolished and the rebuilding of part of Bubbleworks.
  9. Hi there was an accident on the Space Race ride at Flambards in Cornwall. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=newssearch&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiE4IP0pbH5AhUCXcAKHb_YDHUQxfQBKAB6BAgCEAE&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bbc.co.uk%2Fnews%2Fuk-england-cornwall-62333904&usg=AOvVaw2VWe9ISMSS7VOKwnfKXDfA
  10. Scorpion Express has been removed from the Chessington app. To me this shouts that the ride could permanently close. Whenever a Merlin Theme Park removes a ride from a map,it usually signals the end of the particular ride. Furthermore there were rumours a few years ago that due to it’s age and unreliability Scorpion Express would close. I think the fire may have caused this rumour to become reality. Chessington will probably deem it non economical,to repair an ageing and unreliable ride. If the rumours were true why would Chessington invest in a ride that’ll close soon. I don’t know wheather to take this for gospel. The same message also stated that Seastorm would close. Obviously this was wrong as Seastorm has recently reopened following a complete refurbishment. This is the message I received. From a member of a Facebook group I belong to. I was asked this on the post but its Scorpion Express and Seastorm if it happens that is but as I said already when you hear the same rumour more than once it usually happens x
  11. Hi, I think the most sensible decision would be to remove Scorpion Expres. As much as it pains me as it’s a favourite of mine. The ride is ageing and becoming unreliable. It’s been rumoured to be leaving for a few seasons. I think this fire is the final nail in the coffin. Could Rocky Express from Thorpe replace it? Rocky is similarity themed to Scorpion Express. Alternatively the Scorpion Express plot could remain vacant for future development. I expect by the end of the season Chessington will announce wheather Scorpion Express will return next year. What is your opinion on what should happen to this Chessington classic?
  12. @RobF I think the situation is more serious than @Mark9 thinks. The first the ride is cordoned off makes me think there’s catastrophic fire damage
  13. @RobF I think this fire is the final nail in the coffin for Scourpeon Express. The ride is over 30 years old and becoming increasingly unreliable. The ride will probably require extensive repairs. I’m not sure if Chessington would invest in an aging attraction. Personally I love Scourpeon Express it’s a great Rollercoaster for all ages as well as being one of the Theme Parks original rides. I hope Chessington see reason to repair this Chessington classic. With Chessington’s history of repairing attractions,I think it’s safe to presume it’ll be closer for the rest of the season. Of course @RobF I hope I am wrong.
  14. Just to let you know that Legoland’s Sister Park Chessington has also suffered a fire. Chessington’s fire broke out on Scourpeon Express one of the Theme Parks original and most popular rides.
  15. There are reports online from various guests that Chessington has suffered a fire. Apparently Scourpeon Express one of the park’s original and best loved rides has gone up in flames. This news is poniant as the Hotel at Chessington’s sister Park also caught fire. Here is a video I’ve found on YouTube of Scourpeon Express today. https://youtu.be/wzdFZsOrpwo
  16. @Hethetheth it’s annoying me that Thorpe Park are leaving us speculating. Personally I think Rocky Express will reopen. My reasoning is that the rest of Old Town has been gutted or relocated, whereas Rocky is still standing in immaculate condition. I think Rocky could easily be relocated. The Angry Birds Sponsorship must be coming to an end. If this is so the area will need clearing or retheming. This could make space for Rocky. I have a feeling that Project Exodus will be shelved. If this happens,Old Town could be redeveloped into a new Land. I think a Ride like Dragons Fury at Chessington,would fit into the area. Maybe Spinball Wizzer from Alton Towers could be relocated to Thorpe. Along with this Thorpe could addd a similar Rollercoaster to that opening at Chessington next season. In my opinion Thorpe needs a couple more Family rides. Incidentally I think the Walking Dead Ride should be reverted back to X.
  17. Does anyone know what the future holds for Rocky Express? I hope it’s relocated and reopened next season. It looks like Project Exodus may be shelved. If this is correct could Rocky receive a repereve. Rocky was only refurbished a couple of closed seasons ago and is an iconic and popular ride. Rocky Express is a great Family ride. I’m 22 yet still rode a similar ride at Chessington last week. The ride in question is Seastorm. It had a massive que and was unanimously popular. There were a couple of young lady’s about 16/17 years old riding.
  18. @Martin Doyle this is probably the BEST desssion you have made. Why deal with the curfuffle of travel half way round the world,when Chessington is in our Country. Let’s face it Chessington is pretty identical to Disneyland Paris. The main difference being the absence of Disney Theming and the extortionate prices.Even the rides are the same as at Disneyland but themed diffrently. Elmer’s Flying Jumbos is almost the same as the Dumbo Ride,while Zufari is kilimanjaro safari‘s English twin. These are just a couple of examples that come too mind.
  19. Who else thinks Shipwreck Coast could be Themed around Pirates Of The Caribbean. The Island in the films is called Shipwreck Cove. Obviously Chessington’s are will be Shipwreck Coast. I think this could be due to copyright. The addition of Goats,Rats and a mermaid also point to this. If you remember in the first film there’s a Goat,Mermaid and Rats. Furthermore Shipwreck Cove is an Seaside Island. The colouring of the new Shipwreck Coast also matches Pirates Of The Caribbean. Can you please answer with your thoughts on my speculation
  20. Hi one and all I have created this petition. It is too save/relocate Rocky Express. This ride is symbolic to Thorpe Park and has been enjoyed by multiple people and generations. As this Ride is one of the most popular Family Rides, on The Island Like No Other I consider it integral that it’s saved. A signature may not seem a lot,normally I would agree. Rocky Express is one of a kind and has recently been refurbished. Please please please sign my Petition. Each signature will be the equivalent of me winning The Lottery. Many Thanks in advance for signing my Petition!! Could all forum members please take 5 minutes to sign my petition? Many Thanks Theme Park Fanatic https://chng.it/BY45dTNyYk
  21. @Martin Doyle your not drunk mate,in fact your completely sober
  22. @Hethetheth rewind 5 years ago and you would’ve said the Rapids would never return. I have faith that The Looping Group will bring Pirate Adventure back. I’m not saying it’ll be the same as before. In some capacity it’ll return. I think Screens will be used just as much as Animatronics but it’ll reopen. If Europa Park could reopen a practically burned down ride,Drayton can bring back a dormant ride in relatively good condition. Theme Parks compete Drayton would’ve seen how popular the repaired Piraten In Batavia is. This alone would spur Drayton’s NEW owners to reopen a fan favourite. Note The Looping Group have walked down a different path to the Bryan Family. The Bryan’s didn’t even consider bringing the Rapids back into operation. People have been spotted inside Pirate Adventure and the Boats have been reinstated. This points to one conclusion the return of Pirate Adventure. Can you please apologise to me next Season if it’s announced that Pirate Adventure is returning.
  23. Talking about things returning wouldn’t it be awesome if Rocky Express is rethemed into a Circus Train. Thorpe could create a new Land themed around a Circus. This area could be a retheme of Angry Birds Land. Furthermore The Big Top could be located in this area. A Family Maze could be constructed within. Come October the Family Maze could be transformed into a Horror attraction for Fright Nights.
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