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Thorpe Shark Hotel


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I will sleep there the 13th of july, do you think that some ride can still stay open after the official park closing ( selected rides from 6pm to 9pm) and do you also think that I'll have the fast track in the morning ? ( You can I grab it ? ) :)


I doubt there will be rides open after park closing then as like Zach said it's not during the holidays. They only seem to do it on school holiday days. 


You get in the park between 9:15-9:30, it depends how many rides are ready. When the main gates open for normal quests at 10 you will get an hour of unlimited fast track, between 10-11. I'm unsure how you claim this, but I'm sure you will be told if you ask about it when you're there.

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Very good deal on Thorpe Shark hotel next year on selected dates:


One day park entry + UNLIMITED Fast Track + Free Parking + Shark Hotel stay with free Wi-Fi & Breakfast from just £44.50pp (based on 2 adults) (2018)


Some example dates


March 22nd


April 22/25/29






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The Shark Cabins were only on a temporary planning permission until the end of this month.


They are now set to stay longer.



Whether the park are still, long-term, considering a "permanent" hotel is unclear. I guess we'll wait and see. But I guess for now, there's more important things to focus on.

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I actually question whether Thorpe will ever pursue a permanent hotel at this point, or whether they even need to.


A “proper” hotel doesn’t seem like it would fit the target market the park is trying to attract, and in general, Merlin have seemed less enthusiastic about making Thorpe Park into a “resort”. Unlike Alton, Chessington and to a lesser extent Legoland, there isn’t an awful lot else to do at Thorpe aside from the theme park itself. I do think that that would limit the success of a permanent hotel at Thorpe, as it would mean that the hotel couldn’t really open outside of Thorpe Park’s regular season.


I honestly think that for the time being, Thorpe are fine with the hotel arrangement they have. I reckon that with their current target market and positioning, as well as the offerings of the other two local Merlin parks, they’ll do fine out of mostly pursuing day trippers and not really dipping their toes into the “resort” market.

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