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Official TPM Guildford Meet 2015


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It's okay Jack, we can leave if they go to F&B, head to Cambo and go to Wildwoods ;)

I used to be a Cambo (well Farnborough) resident for all my years until 2 years ago and am now in Southsea - however, went back to Cambo to see friends last year and ate in Wildwood and was impressed. Free candy floss too :o

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Thanks everyone for another great meet! :D

I actually ice skated this time - haven't bothered the last two meets - and it was good fun! I haven't been for years so it took some getting used to again; I thought I'd be a bit more confident about stepping onto the ice, felt like Bambi :lol: Soon got back into it though and it made me want to go more often or go roller blading again like when I was a kid!

I got some amusing videos and photos/video stills too ;)

Bowling was booked up until the evening so we had the meal after ice skating. We did attempt to be organised and book a table at TGIs but Guildford was packed and they were fully booked, couldn't get through to the Beefeater so we ended up at Frankie & Bennys, which was strangely quiet compared to everywhere else! Pina colada :wub:

Bowling was a good laugh as always. I got the first strike B) A few seconds before Peaj got his, followed soon by almost everyone ;) Mr Fish's bowling technique is still, er, interesting (and we noticed that he does a backwards dance thing afterwards), but Toofpikk? He just throws the ball (and nearly himself!) down the alley! :lol: Shame I didn't video it, but I do have slo-mo Fish post-ball-throwing shuffling/dancing :ph34r:

"Midnight bowling" was awesome too!

Creams was a nice end to the day, strawberry and choc waffle was just <3 Was completely stuffed afterwards!

That's pretty much my trip report :P Photos and videos will appear soon, possibly, maybe.

For now, enjoy Toofpikk with a bag of lots of lollies hanging from his ears.


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