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  1. We can’t all be positive when there is nothing to be positive about.
  2. It was a very fun trip and it nice to see that Thorpe have finally come up with a good new maze with the Creek Freak Massacre that was well themed and has good scares!
  3. I was there a few weeks ago after the g force issue and the park was as busy as normal so from what I saw it don't look lke the incident has put people off. Also for some reason the staff in the haunting ask if your ok after the bars come down ruining it a bit lol
  4. To be fair Blackpool 10am opening is more like ERT as just a few rides open until 11am where most other rides open. When I went to Paultons park if off peak day Last year there operations were terrible. Some area like the new Dino land did not open till 11 and some 12. There was only two gift shops opens. No photo points and only two food places everything else was closed!
  5. Yeah Benin it is still open although this sign has appeared at the weekend
  6. Does anyone know why the maze is now showing its shut until the 24th July? does it only open at peek times now?
  7. Mr. Fish


    I really do like the new music for x and it does work with the ride a lot better. They have done a good job of doing to the queue line and putting some lighting on it, but I'm sure it wont be long until its all been gratified again.
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