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I quite like Danny Bakers sweary rant   We were awful and deserved to lose. On the plus side my work can get back to normal instead of having a town full of drunks on random weeknights.

**** the Fulham

Then why post in the Football topic?     Palace being second in the league is ridiculous... It'll all end in tears soon...

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I only ever watch the Euros and World Cup but in recent years kind of gone off of it (people like Rooney annoy me but I don’t know why?!).


Really got into the past couple of games and last night the amount of profanities that came out of my mouth was shocking - gutted we didn’t go through to the final but England did so well and I love Southgate as manager - such a gent.


I can only just about remember Italia ‘90 but the last time I was that into the footy was Euro 96.


Nothing against Croatia but I hope France win - I always back France once England get knocked out of the tournament so fingers crossed for them 

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Poor second half led to the downfall there, plus a few players not turning up...


Shame, as it was fun whilst it lasted, and the likes of Trippier really shone throughout...


Normal football shall resume from today at least!

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Well, about to leave for Arsenal. Bit nervous not going to lie, but if Brentford (H) turns up instead of Brentford (A) I'm actually pretty confident if Asrenal play their reserves!


As for the league, well, at home we're basically Barcelona, away we're more like Barnet :P only lost 2 though, and I still think we have a chance of going up automatically. Leeds looking like they're going to walk the league though.

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2 hours ago, CharlieN said:

Stay positive Sam. The league is crazy this year; any of the top 12 teams could get play-offs.  

Yep. And we're 15th ?


We are a shambles atm. If we aren't near the play off places in January we'll lose Maupay, Mepham, Watkins as well as Barbet, Macleod and McEachran and then I can honestly see us going down if that happens.


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Might as well bring back this topic for the special occasion of watching them fail miserably Sunday ;)

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Christ, alot has happened since someone last touched this thread 😅


Brentford have won the Playoffs and broken all football curses by the looks of it, no matter what happens tomorrow this has been the best year of my life footballing wise haha.

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