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Future Of Chessington

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8 hours ago, streetmagix said:

They had a weird way of running Peeking Heights where only 3 to 5 capsules were ever filled, they then rotated it to the top and then back to the ground. It almost acted as a observation tower rather than a Ferris wheel. I'm guessing throughputs were terrible but it also open so rarely. 


A shame really, I do like Ferris wheels/observation towers at theme parks as it's a great way to see the entire park. A new (or decent second hand) Ferris wheel probably wouldn't cost much either but they have different plans for that area now.


It spins out of control if you load more then 6 pods at a time.

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On 1 September 2017 at 9:42 AM, Han30 said:

It will be interesting to see how this development turns out - I hope they do a good job but hey this is Chessington and they don't get nearly enough investment.

Agreed. But on paper it's a toss-up between planning permissions and restrictions making it challenging to develop the park in terms of adding rides and roller coasters of any real height. Combined with the fact the local council seem to want it to be more 'zoo' orientated again than theme park; and simply that the attendance figures remain steady. I'm in no doubt it would have Lego-syndrome, and every time that an attraction is added (or rethemed like Gruffalo) they'll see a spike that'll stick for a while; but on the whole they seem to stay steady (much like Lego. New area or ride creates a influx, and then it levels again for a few years). Whereas other places such as Thorpe and Alton have seen much more inconsistency in the past; IMO Thorpe due to target market - kind of a been there, done that clientele - and Alton with the fact it has to attract people to themselves over going to Drayton, or say Blackpool, even Flamingo to an extent.

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On 10/15/2017 at 11:44 AM, CharlieN said:

I've just seen an image of an advertising board for the dragon falls revamp located somewhere in Chessie. It refers to the ride as Tiger Rock, as opposed to tiger falls. Did the plans refer to it as tiger rock or is that a recent name change?

Yes that was always in the plans.

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