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Erm, if implementing that means changing some kind of something or other in the forum's code (can tell how much I know about running a website...) then Ian or Marc would know.

But atm they are both pretty ill, so it might be a little while before you get a response! (although I have mentioned it to Ian) :)

If not then ignore me and listen to someone who knows what they are talking about :lol:

EDIT: Apparently you use the attachment at the bottom of the page in Full Editor (not quick reply). Once it's been attached it should be in my media.

Hope that helps! :)

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Is anyone else having trouble accessing the forums via WiFi? I tried on both my computer and my phone and I get taken to this page:


I posted on the TPM Facebook page and was advised to try using mobile internet, so I did and it works :o Not heard anything back yet so I thought I'd post it here as well if that's OK :)

I seem to be the only one with this problem :ph34r: If it's any help, my ISP is O2.

Cheers ma dears :D

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