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  1. Regardless, this should not be continued on this site as TPM has literally nothing to do with this. So please take your argument elsewhere and maybe grow up and stop the silly name calling.
  2. As far as I can tell this was all started through a personal fb page. None of this was in anyway affiliated with TPM, so why was this issue brought up on this site?
  3. You're my new favourite person - I've wanted to do the disco for ages! Can't see why not, will double check with Mr Nem before confirming though!
  4. Aww shucks guys! Flattered as always. Soz Jadam, it seems real couples are cuter Although I do like how I'm "Smidget" for Sexiest Female and just plain old Sarah for Cutest Couple
  5. One that I have seen people questioning online a lot, and tbh I completely agree... When did the term 'curvy' become synonymous with 'overweight'? Likewise, when did thin = thigh gap and small boobs? So many sites (here's looking at you, Buzzfeed...) seem to only focus on these definitions and it's getting incredibly annoying as I'm someone who falls into 'thin' and 'curvy', yet apparently my body type no longer exists! I'm getting sick of looking online for generic tips/inspiration only to find that virtually nothing will suit, because I have boobs but I'm not a size 14+. I'm by no means trying to shame (gahh, everything is damn shaming of some sort nowadays) anyone who does fit the above, I'm just a misery guts because I don't and nowhere really seems to acknowledge that you can be thin and curvy. Add being short into the mix and sometimes it's just a big bowl of fml.
  6. Smidget


    Got a 1st in my dissertation, which now means that I am guaranteed to graduate with a 1st. I still have 3 exams to go, but the pressure is off! All I need to do is pass them and hello 1st class degree
  7. Smidget

    TPM Cutest Couple

    This is a thing?! Well... If I'm honest... I gots to nominate Jadam. I've never seen a love like theirs. (Awaits their engagement. I want a bride to be pal.)
  8. I've told her I don't want anything to do with her.
  9. So I have had some very nasty things said about me behind my back before, as many people on here are aware. But this... I found out this evening that one of my close friends (or so I thought) has been seriously slagging me off to one of her friends who doesn't like me very much. I'd suspected for a while that this person didn't like me and that these bitching sessions had been happening, but tonight I found out for certain. What really hurts this time is that my "friend" has been bringing up things that have happened in my past that involve other people, and have absolutely nothing to do with her. I'm not sure why but on the face of it she seems to be jealous of certain aspects of my life and is bringing up past situations as a means of putting me down to other people and demeaning those aspects of my life. I really thought that I had left all this stuff behind in school. I know I've had falling outs with people on here, but even they were nearly 2 years ago, and nothing significant has really happened since. I guess some people really just don't know how to grow up.
  10. Guys, I wasn't saying Space Mountain should make or break a trip. But having had my first trip there without it, with tons of people telling me it's amazing and I will love it, it sucked. It's something you can see from quite a lot of the park, and knowing you can't go on it is annoying. Don't get me wrong, I still had an amazing time, but missing out on one of the best attractions there was a massive bummer. Personally I feel Space Mountain is much better than BTM, even if that may feel more "Disney". Not having Space Mountain would (for me) be worse than not having BTM. I honestly don't see the "magic" in it. Something like Phantom Manor or Pirates being closed would bother me far more than BTM. Anyway, my previous post was literally a heads up that Space Mountain being shut might affect you more than you'd realise. I wasn't that bothered when I found out it was going to be shut on my first trip until I got there and saw it.
  11. The only thing I would say Matt should consider... On my first visit to DLP Space Mountain was closed. Now, whilst it didn't ruin the experience, it did give me a massive frowny face, and having now ridden it, I genuinely feel that my first visit would have been exponentially better if it had been open. So yeah, just keep that in mind. Space Mountain is an amazing ride, and you really feel it when it's not open. It absolutely sucks to go there with a fresh mind and having to miss out on probably the best ride there.
  12. I'm sorry, but I am seriously confused as to how you managed to get the impression that it's about a bunch of kids at college?! It's made very clear that they are researchers at a university; for example, Sheldon is constantly ribbing Wolowitz for "only having a Masters degree" whilst the rest of them have PhD's (which you study for after your Bachelor's, or normal university degree). Plus none of them live on campus or attend classes, and Leonard chases after Penny, and it's made pretty clear that she's younger than the guys. I just really don't get how you viewed it as a show about guys studying at college?
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