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TPM Fright Nights Meet Sat 8th Oct


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As noted in the topic title the date has been set for Saturday 8th August 2022.


Meet from 9:30am - 10am in the dome outside Vibes. On the day I will also be checking my Direct Messages (DM) every 15 mins for the first hour for late arrivals to get in touch and arrange meet up, but be aware we may be in a queue or on a ride. I recommend arriving nice and early if you can as security can sometimes take a while to get through and we will not be able to wait too long. Also if you are collecting the Fright Nights tickets this is done at the Island Ticket Centre located before security (details on this package below).


We will be purchasing the Fearsome Four Package for the trip. £37 for non pass holders and £32 for pass holders. 


Important information on the package and purchasing here


Fearsome Four add-on Instructions.
You must collect a wristband from the Island Ticket Centre located before security, this will be used in conjunction with your e-ticket or paper ticket to gain entry to each attraction. You can complete each of the three scare mazes and the scare experience in any order, and at any time between 3pm and 9pm. One entry per maze/scare experience. 


Other than that its a very simple, chilled out day and night riding the rides and catching up with everyone. Should be fun!


The TPM meets are always great fun and the idea is to go round as a group getting to know each other, have fun and spend time with people who share the same interests. If you have never been to a meet before don't feel put off, we were all there once. Once you get there you'll feel a part of the group straight away. If you have any queries drop me a message or comment below. 

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Well, I was considering coming, although the upcharge for mazes and the reviews so far haven’t filled me with excitement 😆 I mean some have been positive, mostly about Survival Games, but I wasn’t sure it was enough for me to justify paying. And if I still came but didn’t do the mazes/only did Survival Games, I’d be hanging around on my own for a while unless anyone else wasn’t doing them. If only they still had single rider…👀


But just now I thought “Hmm, there’s lots of train strikes at the moment, I wonder if they’re striking this Saturday?”




Yeeeeah…I’m gonna have to give this one a miss 😂 No other trains after that, and 15 hours 55 minutes is a bit steep (”Steep?! It’s effing vertical!”) 😄


Shame as it would’ve been nice to see you guys again, and I don’t have any other plans for any Halloween attractions yet!

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