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Well each train has a different track for going to or from the park in its own character to match the theme of the train, the actual copies aren't up on the net but theres videos of each train on Youtube if that helps. :P

Only because I am board (and can't sleep :P)Here are ALL the monorails I could find!
COW - Monorail :P
STRAWBERRYHave to say I prefer the strawberry monorail due to the Chessington & Zoo entrance music! :D
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Yeah the 25 minute track on Towers Times is the old track. The current one is not available on the internet but the bit used in the adverts, and also used on Towers Street this year is here... http://www.mediafire.com/?imwz1jnmbtmCan't help with the other track I'm afraid.

No, that isn't the one I'm after unfortunately, but thanks for posting it along with the info. I swear you've posted audio for me before, so thanks! :)Hopefully they'll release the track to the public soon, I really like it!
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Thanks for that, reminds me of the Legoland entry music if I remember right? I think I prefered the old Towers street music

No worries, and I personally prefer the new track because I've never been to Alton Towers when it's been playing (I live too far away to go very often :lol: )
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Can I just comment, we have 2 topics for Alton Towers music, this one and "Your Alton Towers media".

'Your Alton Towers Media' was also for Wallpapers, Photos, Screensavers, Ride Logos and any other media. Congratulations on getting it deleted. ;)
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Tower Times and Towers Nerd are also good places to find things on Alton Towers such as...+Audio+Rides and Attractions information. (Past, Present and Future)+History of the Park.+Latest News+Interactive ride games.+Pictures. (e.g. General views of park, areas of park and events at park such as Fright Nights).
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