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  1. Banned for having over 500 posts which is much more than me!.
  2. I think what's happened here is extremely sad. My thoughts are with the family of the girl at this time, and let's hope thae that chessington will be able to sort everything out before the ride reopens, and something like that happens again. We don't want that As far as I'm aware, this is actually the first major chessington insodent that made the news
  3. Thanks for that. I was about to start my own thread on it- but guess I'll go leave my comments on that thread
  4. I'm actually surprised that no one's mentioned what happend with the girl falling from the bridge. I came on here to see if their were any updates but it seems that no one's posted about it.
  5. Dan_Rush

    Cats or Dogs?

    Cat for me. I love them, they are so cute.
  6. Exilent!.Though I'm the only 1 in my family that likes it, it's still an awsome ride!
  7. I love it!.It reminded me a bit of Disco at Southsea Peer.Just a longer faster version.Going to ride it again tomorrow because I never got my second time last week as it broke down.
  8. But it sounds so good on the Vampire!.Rides such as Toomb Blaster, Bubbleworks and Rattlesnake are rides that need not do it.
  9. Once I've sorted out my music, I'll be able to send you WWTP. it will take a while though, I have over 470 diffrent folders of music.
  10. Actually, I tend to disagree. Having an operator on the rides that try to make the anouncements fun really ads to the atmosphere. Last time I went I had a great operator on the Pirate ship, saying things like " we're about to set sale", and other pirate type things to make the people in line feel amused.I think also kids love it, don't they?. Even for the operators, I bet it makes a nice change from sticking to a script, as it were.
  11. Kobra then.It amazes me that some people care more about spelling than the actual content.
  12. I thought I'd write about my trip to Chessington on Saturday.All in all, I was really impressed with everything. They have really done the park up nicely. Ride reliabillity was good, with Dragons fury, Vampire and Cobra only rides having problems. Cobra shut in the afternoon, but both Fury and Vampire were fixed. Wild Asia was really good, Cobra is an awsome ride!. If you've not done it yet, I suggest you try it.The audio at the park has really improved. I'm glad to see music back around Transalvania. Vampire lived up to expectations, in fact a bit faster than usual.All in all, well done to Chessington I say.
  13. Hey, I've been trying to contact you. The private message feature for some reason won't work at the moment. Please could you contact me?. Thank you

  14. Matcia.You truly are awsome!. I just got back from Chessington today, and the first thing I was going to do was come on here and request that music!.Thank you so much!
  15. Dan_Rush


    Well, the weekened just gone was my birthday.I went to Thriller the musical which was really nice. Also went to Joseph. I'm now 23 though feel 90!.I hope everyone is okay, I've not been here for a while. I saw 3 people sign in to my msn list, so thought I'd just come back and look around.
  16. Dan_Rush


    The lion king, I've seen it about 5 times. Amazing everytime I see it.
  17. Hey!I am going to Chesssington saturday, and you know what I am going to ask!. Firstly, is it open?. I've been on the website and the bit where it says about the rides etc and the fact it is open can not be found. I'm also wondering due to construction of the new area and getting the park ready for halloween if saturday is a day where it is closed.Also, if the park is open, does anyone know if Fury is fixed?Thanks!
  18. I'm not sure if I like this yet.For starters, what's with multiple emails?. I thought you only got 1 email per reply. So, for example if someone responded to Feedback you would get an email notification, but to get another one you'd have to log in. I had at least 5 emails all concerning the same topic.I don't like the way the posts are displayed anymore. Where you used to be able to see the warning system, the location, the day they joined... the only way to do that now is view the profile.I've yet to explore the other changes to the forum, but I will reply back here later.
  19. I second that. Have fun James!. If I was in your position I'd be extatic
  20. Debating what event I'm going to go to this year, Thorpe fright night or Hocus Pocus. May have to flip a coin for the anser because I really can't decide.As for the 31st I'm going to have a huge party like I do every year, and dress up like dracula. I've got the whole outfit, fake teeth, fake mask, fake blood, it's amazing. Also going to get my music out, excercist theme, monster mash, adams family and a few others too. I like looping them like Chessington. Also do all the traditional, trick or treat, bobbing for apples and pumpkin pie.
  21. Awwww!. Bye Beanoland:);)I'll miss it!I won't be there for the closure, so guess I can kiss goodbye to riding the swings again:P
  22. We know about your Thorpe ones, but what about Chessington?For me, always head to Toomb blaster firstAlways dance around in the Bubbleworks station to the music (as it's so good)Do Transalvania lastAlways eat at Burger kingAlways ride Peaking Heights (and avoid dragon falls!)Have 2 goes on Fury (and scream!)Put my hands up when ever I am on Billy's wizzer (oh I'm going to miss that!)So now what about yours
  23. Well, I was on Southparks comunity (and hated it). I saw an advert somewhere advertising a place called Merlin magic which I signed up to straight away.After posting there for a while, and only 14 active members someone (TP Dan) suggested the Mania hub. On ariving at the site and seeing that it had a security code, I decided against it (I'm blind and can't read the codes!). I went back online to Merlin magic just in time to see another member (will) online. I wrote to him explaining my problem, and he agreed to create my acount. Since I've been here, I've met some great people (and some not so great) but hey, who says just because they are a member I have to read all of there posts and agree?
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