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Phantasialand opened for it's main season today. There's plenty of stuff to take note of:



Rookburgh is now vaguely advertised on the park map. No opening date is mentioned.



The wall at the Fantasy area is complete:




This empty raised space is new, making some speculate a new small attraction could be placed there in the future



Work has been done on some of the rock work (where the waterfall is after the second launch) to improve the look of it. The ugly extension area is receiving new theming and covering, which should be finished soon:




Black Mamba

Black Mamba is continuing to receive new rock work, from Universal Rocks:




The bell tower, which is a focal point near Chiapas' main drop, has seen the roof replaced. Last season, the roof was looking very shabby with chipped paint and was very faded. The new roof is a different shape (and imo looks a bit worse, but ah well):


Comparison can be found below:





Temple of the Nighthawk / Crazy Bats

Some are still living in hope that this has been some elaborate April Fools prank. The park map still lists Temple of the Nighthawk as an attraction. The ride, however, is closed, with most signage removed, except for what is below:


This is what the park's queue boards say:




-Most food places now take card (they used to be cash only in most places)

-The Phantasialand annual pass has been rebranded as the 'Phantasialand club'

-Aside from Temple, no rides have been closed. There had been plenty of rumours of either Temple/Hollywood Tour or the China area being demolished for the next big thing after Rookburgh


All images from Christopher Kenny's Twitter.

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I know it's only small in the grand scheme of things, but the new Chiapas tower looks hideous IMO.  The previous one fit perfectly into the style of the area, if you look at the overall area-shot with the new roof in it stands out like a sore thumb because it's essentially a warehouse-style material used where everything else blends so perfectly.  A shame.


As for turning Nighthawk into a VR attraction, why?!  It had a decent throughput before and just needed some effects.

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Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the tower roof, but there have definitely been worser cosmetic atrocities in the theme park world recently. Least the Wuze, Klugheim and Mamba updates look much better.


The “strongly rumoured” demolition project looks like it has been delayed by a year, which makes sense with Rookburgh’s delays. Maybe Temple will be the next to go after all? But I get the impression Geister is next, as the park may build a major dark ride/indoor attraction when they flatten that whole complex eventually.

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Been a while since we've seen some track in place:



We can also see some new theming points (the white wall on the left for example).


It's expected once all track is in place (which make not be too long now!) that this view point will start to receive it's own wall, meaning views of inside Rookburgh will soon become non-existent!

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Some views of one of the launches from bumblebrick on Instagram...


It's now expected that the track for Fly will cross over itself 46 times (Taron has 58).



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From PhantaFriends.de...



Track is almost complete - that is the final piece to be installed! 


This view is from main street outside the park, and it's expected that a wall will be erected soon enough.


Some more work on the new marketing feature, which I expect to be ready this weekend:


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The question everyone I've been asking, "WHAT'S IN THE BOX?", for the past couple of days has been answered thanks to PhantaFriends...




A model of how we can expect a small part of Rookburgh to look. This is a section of the first launch (I believe train will travel right to left), and it shows a bridge/walkway will go under the covered section.


Steampunk + Phantasialand was only ever going to be this good tbh :wub:


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Finally! Looks blooming amazing if I can say so myself.


Can’t wait to see what theming and detail they can nestle in the next 11 months and counting when the area is finally ready to open!


I can safely say Crazy Bats is purely just a ‘quick fix’ until this area opens, or more-so when the Temple complex is demolished. 

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Does anyone else think it's silly to put a VR overlay on Temple if this is its last year of operation?  Like, why reduce the throughput and force it to be closed for a significant amount of the season if it's going the year after rather than just letting it run as is before closing it?

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