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Hmmm... I'm under strict orders to post something apparently.So yeah, this is a post, and this is what it looks like. :( < that smiley is round and has sunglasses on it.Yep.Ahh... I think I might answer Seb's question from another topic.*Looks*:(!!!Just realized it dissappeared when *someone* messed up the forum.Well it went something like this.....

LOL Sheepie wtf? Blud? Brederin./ breadbin? Have you been revising Chav?

Errrm, no, although that would be a pretty cool idea tbh.Actually, I think we should do that, we should create a TPM Chav group. We can take classes in being pathetic and sad (wow I just described myself) and a complete waste of space.Hmmmm is that enough for you now Marc?Don't say I never do anything for you eh?! :unsure:
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Oh dear, another day, Another mishap. My internet access at school has been removed, becuase I have been abusing it. Mainly, stealing code off some boff in my class's website, putting it on mine. He called me a hacker, and now I have no internet access at school. Ahh, school.

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