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Suggestion: TPM Member Cards/Badges?

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I know that when I go to my first meet-up, it will be a comfort to see lots of people with some form of TPM ID on. It would make it easier for me to approach the group that way, and to find people who I haven't seen before by their user name. I think it would be great to have badges with everyone's TPM username, real name, and a little TPM logo at the top.

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I actually started this on another site many years ago. Some of you might be familiar with them, there's no reason why we couldn't do similar on TPM - I still have the template and programme to do them with.I will post up an example later.We probably need to decide whether we want a card for a wallet, or a badge to wear. The problem with lanyards is that they would be rather unsafe on a ride - anything around your neck would be. I would suggest that we run a competition to design the badge/ card and vote for a winner.We all have unique membership numbers already so they could be added to the info on the badge.... but yeah, I like the idea.The other option is to go for a badge like RG ... the metalised one that Chris has, again I will look out a photo and post it. Although those are quite expensive.

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