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Hyde Park Winter Wonderland


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Winter WonderLand's awesome. Went last year. Yes they do have a great roller coaster Posted Image. The drops are quite itense and stomach churning (though the ride is quite rough but don't let that put you off after all It is a Zierer family coaster). They're adding a Maurer Sohe Power Tower this year http://www.maurer-rides.com/power/ along with a Zierer Black hole roller coaster (heard that on TTF). The place has a great atmosphere durig the night. The whole place is light up. The rIdes that I've bee on there are great (I've yet to try out the Haunted Masion, simulators and the 60m Observation wheel). They have london's biggest outdoor ice rink there aswell.

apparently its nothing special, id would rather take my skates down to the history museum.

Jake C. It's an awesome event. Don't listen to whoever said that it's nothing special. It won awards in the past and has been shortlisted for one last year.

WINTER WONDERLAND 2008 has been shortlisted for ‘Event of the Year’ at the forthcoming Visit London Awards. Start planning for 2009 now to see what all the fuss is about! 18 days to go!

Anyway can't wait to go back this year :) .
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It's great :P . Should be better than last year since they're adding more thrill rides this year. Here's the official website for Power Tower 2 (the one being used at Winter Wonderland) http://www.powertower2.de/ Just relised if you click photos (Fotos) it immediately starts playing the Terminator theme :). The ride looks great but seems to have taken Tower of Terror's theme. Can't wait to ride this thing EIGHTEEN DAYS TO GO :P.

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Went on Saturday, went on the 2 coasters and power tower, felt ripped of by them all personally apart from the Black Hole rollercoaster which was alot of fun! Power tower had the height, but was a huge disapointlemt with no force / air time what so ever, I'd say detonator easily wipes the floor of it!

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