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Hyde Park Winter Wonderland


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Apparently EXCEPTIONALLY crowded today and closed for H&S reasons, with the local Tube station doing similar...Ew... Unsurprising based on last year's visit... But still... Ew...

Yh I had a look on the Facebook page and people are complaining thats its closed I went last weekend and it was really hard to move around I did a video but there was so many people walking in to me I stopped filming and 6 pounds to go on the big rides I went on bumper cars and a ride called air so 12 pounds and the food was expensive was going to go again this year but not at them prices heres my video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qw2cWADW9Dg&list=UUsYNLN0lVTLtf4X0Eb0Xyhw&feature=plcp
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Well guys as you probably know, we are getting the Wild Maus XXL and a Star-flyer new at winterwonderland this year! I was just wondering how much did these rides cost last year? I've never been before but I'm visiting this year?

So how much do these rides cost?

Power tower


Winter wonderland express

Wild maus(last years version)

Blizzard booster

Ski party

Ski jump?

Thanks guys!

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Guys also...

How much was ski jet?

And the suspended swinging coaster?






There is a new coaster...

I know because on the website http://www.hydeparkwinterwonderland.com/attractions/rides it says we will see no less than THREE ROLLERCOASTERS this year!

Could we get a looping coaster? I'd like to know your thoughts... We may get more than three coasters.. This is advertised as coaster crazy!

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I believe we will be seing Pinfari's London City Coaster, formerly Grizzly Bear at Lightw@ter Valley.

Posted Image

As for Wilde Maus XXL it is apparently parked outside Thorpe Parks. (thanks to Merlin Mania for the pic)

Posted Image

Lots of people are saying it isn't Maus XXL because of the green supports instead of yellow that it had when it debuted in geramny but green suits the Christmas theme of the even. Plus, if you compare it to the picture of Wilde Maus XXL packed up on lorries in germany, the trailers look very similar.

Posted Image

As for the pricing, you pay £1 for a token. The large rides tend to be 4-6 tokens (depending if your an adult or child (12 or under)). The rides are pretty decent and well worth a visit but it does get very busy due to the cramped layout of it but apparently that is also being adjusted for this year.

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The rides are due to pull on to Hyde Park tomorrow, some will be later pulling on throughout the week.

Wilde Maus XXL, Christmas Coaster and 1 other coaster (most likely Euro Coaster) will be attending.

Danter's Air is returning.

Power Tower is returning.

Mellor's Giant Wheel is returning as well as their new 230ft Star Flyer which was recently set up in London and has been to Hull Fair since.

'Ski Jump' AKA 'Oblivion' (KMG Freak Out (16 riders)) is likely to be replaced with 'Showtime' which is a KMG Afterburner 24.

Currently unconfirmed but **rumoured only** that Buwalda's who own the inverted Euro Coaster may be bringing their new Mondial Turbine, instead of 'Blizzard' AKA 'Booster' attending.

Most of the less major rides such as the 'Deep Impact' Miami and Waltzer, Dodgems etc will all stay the same.

As far as I know the 'Ski Party' Fabbri Mega Dance was drafted in quickly last year as a last minute ride due to another different ride being unable to attend.

The best way to find out what's certainly there now is to just wait and see the pictures soon! I'm sure they'll confirm everything not long from now. :P

It's set to be the possibly the best Winter Wonderland yet with a new improved layout and what looks to be some changes in rides in favour of improved capacity.

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