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Anyone remember Theme Park World Con  Tour's weird kickstarter

With your money his channel promises "the professional feel of a Hollywood studio". Pay him £250 for him to resell you park tickets and a t shirt. Sounds legit.

What a shock that he managed to launch his channel without all that money after all. Remember when his YouTube channel was suspended and the thousands of subscribers he got in one week magically reset. Really weird...

To be honest it always sounded like he never visited Alton Towers before in his life and 99% of his 'history' is off Wikipedia.

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In case anyone hasn't seen electricBill's latest edit:     "There's a lot of work involved in that, and Merlin can't be arsed."  

This will always be brilliant. http://youtu.be/JPfCQVmzxsg

Bump! If they can do this in Chimelong, it's required on Colossus ...

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Just discovered Bardcore and it's brilliant. 😄


Medieval Candy Shop -

I'll take you down to Camelot,

I'll serve you up the freshest broth,

And lay with you beneath the motte,

Be still and hear our horses trot, WOAH



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