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  2. I tried to but I got distracted by the shed.
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  4. Pretty sure they will take it all into the design, for example look at all those trees in front of the Hogwarts castle.
  5. This tweet: For all we know a park could just be about to go into administration, job losses etc perhaps without the staff even knowing. But this person wants to create some enthusiast 'clout' just because he works within the industry and hears slightly more information than anyone else.
  6. When my mom won’t let me go out during the Galactic Empire
  7. When people defend their favourite parks with things that if any other park did it, they would be right on the war path. Just gets on my nerves seeing that.
  8. I love the look of the new intamin track, hopefully they will blend the settings though because seeing Hogsmeade whilst riding this will take thrming back to the pre-historic days.
  9. Least you're not the people who think bare coaster track has no place in a "world class theme park".
  10. God I hate that hogwarts shed.
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  12. That would be another £300k please!
  13. Can they theme it to make it fit into the park as well? Weird that it can't run 2 trains though. Maybe Vekoma can do some magic.
  14. Toverland have invested in a second train for Booster Bike: (Images from Looopings) The ride is only capable of running one train, but obviously having a second means if there's an issue with one, they don't have the shut the ride down. For now, the original train will receive some work, and then they'll have both available. Coaster trains aren't cheap, so this is a solid investment from the park.
  15. Sexy update: And aerial shots from this account: Looks great already
  16. Things are far from perfect right now for many people. I’ve had several trips delayed/cancelled, life plans on hold and continue to be furloughed for the time being. Whilst it’s really easy to just go on a rant and wave about everything not working out, I just try to remember a few things. There are a lot of people in a much worse position, whether they have lost their jobs, battling an illness or have lost a loved one. 2020 has been an awful year for almost everyone, but I’m trying to focus on the first 2.1 months of the year which were actually enjoyable. Plus one day, there will be something to look forward to again. For everyone.
  17. Unfortunately a 13 year old story sells better than current events.
  18. Sorry to divert from the media rant, but... I confess when I saw this, I was a little confused. I think anyone who had big plans this year is frustrated/annoyed/upset. And I don't think it's unreasonable for people to have a moan online about it to vent those feelings. But then I've seen a ton of drama on social media within the 'enthusiast community' crop up this week. Claims, with evidence, of people being homophobic, racist, bigoted and who knows what else. Digging deeper, I saw many self-entitled people going on and on about how unfair things are, I've seen people making statements like "parks abroad are open, so why aren't our's". Some absolutely crazy things, coming from adults who are all just within their own crazy bubble. It's mental, and a bit disheartening. It made me happy though that at least forums like this aren't like that. Sure, TPM has never been perfect, and sadly it's quieter than ever on here, but for the most part these days, it's drama-free and pretty civil. Lords knows I'd prefer that over whatever happens on Twitter and other social media pages. I stopped following a few people involved in the crazy drama, so hopefully I won't see any more of it and continue to live in blissful ignorance about the situation forevermore...
  19. You really think that the McCann case is more important (the front page is THE most important story of the day after all) than the two MAJOR events currently going on?
  20. The media aren't allowed to talk about more than 1 thing?
  21. Whilst Energylandia does benefit hugely from EU funds, they would not necessarily struggle if it was lost. The original grant was only for investments up to this year (including the Vekoma Mine Train, which is on site but hasn't started construction yet, and I personally doubt would open this year, especially with Covid). However, they did successfully apply for more funds, which is helping them "accelerate" plans they had for the next few years, which has included the building more accommodation, and further expansions. Should those EU funds no longer be made available, their investment would likely still be large, but just more spread out. If the country's homophobia increases further, it would be interesting to see how badly tourism is hit, and how it would affect the park. I don't know how many of their visitors are international, but they certainly have got the attention of the enthusiast community, which no doubt helps in drawing more people in. This is particularly prevalent with Zator being just inside a region that's declared itself LGBT-free. A drop in visitors could hit the park harder than them not having access to EU funds. Obviously what happens to Energylandia pales in comparison to LGBT rights in Poland.
  22. Yesterday's front pages annoyed the hell out of me. Two massive worldwide issues going on atm. The UK Covid numbers are more than the rest of the EU combined, then we have the numerous protests in support of those across the pond. Our media ignores those and looks at a 12 year old case about a middle class white girl who died due to the neglect of her parents (even if they didn't kill her themselves, they left 3 children in a hotel room alone, but of course they don't get blamed for that either). And some say we're better than the Americans.
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  24. Universal last year if I remember rightly registered the name "Velocicoaster" and below you can see the predicted layout from AmusementInsider. This thing is going to be an absolute beast.
  25. As much as I am not a huge fan of IP's this will be a huge hit for the park. His books are huge.
  26. I love the retro themed merch! Phil will go mad for these.
  27. My first post back in over a year to check-in what Thorpe is doing. I held my breath, and this is what I see. A maze. Another maze. Soz 4 my negativity xox Anyways, I like black mirror a lot but I find this a rather bizarre choice of an IP as the episodes are generally stand-alone and there is no permanent cast as touched upon some other people in the posts. But, I'll be interested to see how this works when it eventually comes. Next year.
  28. It was confirmed a few days ago that Pirates in Batavia will reopen at the end of July. Here's a look at a boat:
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