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  1. ProjectX

    Park Music

    Thank you so much! :)
  2. ProjectX

    Park Music

    Hi! Does anyone have a copy of the old SFX loop for Amity Cove during older Fright Nights events please? :)
  3. ProjectX

    Project WC16 - New for 2016

    It may well not be...because Chronicles of London I don't reckon is related as the Chronicles of New York has also been filed. Just thought I'd point it out.
  4. ProjectX

    Project WC16 - New for 2016

    It seems Merlin have filed for the trade mark to the words "Galactica" and "Intergalactic" under sections 21, 25, 35 and 41 of NICE classification. With section 41 containing the explanation of copyright for..."rollercoaster rides; operation of rollercoaster rides; observation wheels, observation decks and platforms; amusement park services; theme park services; theme park rides; amusements and amusement arcade services; visitor attractions". They were both filed on 13/08. It has the same classifications as Th13teen, Raptor, Oblivion, Nemesis etc but the only difference is section 21 which includes the trademarking of "containers; drinking flasks; combs; sponges; hair brushes; comb cases; glassware; porcelain; mugs; cups; plates and bowls; napkin rings; powder compacts; toilet cases; toothbrushes; trays; vanity cases; porcelain and earthenware not included in other classes; water bottles; tankards; oven gloves; money boxes not of metal."
  5. ProjectX

    London Eye

    I'm happy to say, The London Eye is now known as just that - The London Eye! Bye bye EDF Energy (and you're garnish colours/disgusting sponsorship) and welcome back the rich purples and classy colours etc...thank god! Here's the new site (click) ...not much new there yet, but nice to see it returning to the post-BA image/style. That logo has returned too, just without "The Merlin Entertainments" bit: Not long before the dreaded coke takes over though...
  6. ProjectX

    Chessington Howl'o'ween

    Unfortunately it's not that simple. When planning and creating a scare attraction, multiple plans and ideas may be analysed and bounced around. I'm not construction or technical but I need to know their abilities etc if I am to pull off something realistic. It's always best to plan more than you need with the knowledge that, along the way, stuff will get cut. The creative side will need to be aware of and take into account the constructional and technical abilities and restraints. So off the top of my head, let's say we creatively thought of a maze based on the legend of old Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. The maze would have multiple scenes with different effects, such as projection mapping, moving floors, smells, light SFX and triggered scenes/set. This would need to be revised and planned from script delivery timings for throughput to scene effect lengths for the flow of the attraction. Sending this over to construction and technical, they would need to then come up (if done in-house) with something like a set of choices, let's say for this: A, B and C. So A would be the most amount of money and C being the least. For example, perhaps B would say yes to projection mapping, special effects, smells but no to really immersive sets. So, instead maybe we'd have black floors and black material ceiling (yuck) with minimalist set designs, instead of it looking like tier A, where the immersive set makes us feel we're walking inside an old house near the bayou with wooden floors, jar lanterns hanging down from a wood slat ceiling, rich and detailed sets etc. Another big factor is guest understanding. How can we, with as little budget and actors as possible, still deliver the storyline clearly and cohesively? So by that I mean, if I ask the staff to run on the least possible actors we can (reflecting a break/lunch pattern) will I still get the same storyline/experience as if the maze was full? Will the theme/script need changes to ensure that the maze storyline is delivered? Or will it all be told in a preshow video and the rest of the maze is just "boo!"s and shrieks? If we rely just on a preshow, will the storyline continue to flow and make sense? Do the sets/effects need to tell the story instead of the actors? How much will all of this cost operationally? Building on from this, how many staff will we need to run the entire attraction (not just actors) safely and effectively each day? All of these factors: cosmetic, operational, technical, constructional, will have an impact on the overall story, plot and running of the maze. Things can go wrong very late in the game causing last minute changes or even complete cuts of an attraction. I've analysed and even helped create some pretty cool concepts but usually, for one reason or another, the final product is either watered down, completely different from the original theme and plot or completely cut and left on the shelf...
  7. ProjectX


    I'd say this is untrue due to the fact Rita is currently open (and we know how anal Alton are with their safety!).
  8. ProjectX

    New Thorpe Park Mania

    Really like the new site. Do you reckon the audio tab will return so you can access all the audio across the site in one place? Loving some of the new audio on there too! But some of the the old audio which was on the previous site (in particular Rush) is missing. Will they be returning? Well done though - brilliant site.
  9. ProjectX

    Chessington Music

    Hi CoasterDude, Unfortunately I do not have that music. Just to clarify, the Safari version of the theme I had obtained was not from the same source as anyone else and my position to upload was not to jeopardise anyone's position or trust. Just a misunderstanding and so, out of respect I removed the file.
  10. ProjectX

    Chessington Music

    Hello! Some of you hate it, some of you love it...but here is the Imperial Leather Bubbleworks ride-through mix. It includes all the effects like "Have we run out of shampoo?"..."Please be quiet" etc. Click Me Enjoy! (Mods, if this is not allowed etc, please contact and I'll happily take them down).
  11. ProjectX

    Park Music

    Thank god for that! I could understand if there was a pre-recorded announcement played twice ontop of the end of day music but not an atmosphere crushing, siren.
  12. ProjectX

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    The park was hit by another region-wide powercut today. All rides took ages to re-open with some of the big ones taking forever it seemed. Would hate to be working on guest services today!
  13. ProjectX

    Alton Audio

    It was probably left on by accident. Sometimes you can hear effects on Extraordinary Golf when they've left them on. Not common though. You can find Battle Galleons theme on youtube... That one is the main courtyard suite and here is Battle Galleons...
  14. ProjectX

    SAW: The Ride

    I've always thought it's a bit unclear if it's relating to the syringe trap with Amanda from number two or the lethal injection one from number six? None of them seem to really have this crossbow/syringe trap in them?
  15. ProjectX


    Have they changed the music on X already? As I have now seen two videos on Youtube and both of them are playing completely different themes? Or am I wrong and it has a playlist?