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  1. I too visted yesterday evening, after doing the 1st one last Friday which was a blast. Thought I try another one, god it was dead. After arriving about 6:30, picking up wristband at Annual Pass hut, started from Saw (Open dead on 7) and then did-Colossus (did't open dead on 7) then X - Swarm - Stealth then ended the night on Inferno in that order. Park was virtually deserted, most of the time when arriving into the ride station didnt have to move seats much at on Swarm & Inferno. By the time I got to Inferno it was getting dark and flying. While riding got welcome to fantastic electrical lighting storm in the distance, about 5miles away (near these red towers) everytime going up the lift "FLASH" was mental Ride Count Saw 1 Colossus 3 X 6 Swarm 10 Stealth 4 Inferno 27 Total: 51 For 3hrs on park, think thats the best I done for awhile.
  2. I too visited Thorpe on Sunday. The park at times was very quite with queues under 20mins then walk on & stay on. Few notes I'll put down, (Won't bore ya with rode this and did that etc) Park Opening, arrived early. Annual Pass holders let in early before day tickets. Heard this trialling atm, anyone know for how long? Finding somewhere healthy to bite, today didn't want kfc,Bk etc so spent awhile looking but couldnt find anything. So tryed Mexican Cantina (yeah not healthy), for what you get very average. Taking train off hr+ before park closing. Arrived to Inferno which was running 2 train. Had a ride, then they decided to take a train off, queue builted up. WHY! - Swarm&Stealth walk on were both running 2 trains (dose my head in) Colossus running one train X had lots of fog Inferno mist wasnt on (Worked Wednesday) The vests on Swarm were starting to pee me off getting tighter throughout. Out of the many rides I had about 4 were fine. Oh and theres GUM on the vest (Train2/Row5/Left Side) In the morning had to wait for Saw to reopen after adding another car, to get a awful rough one. Had whole of Swarm byself till everyone arrived With the ridecount I got. Definitely had one of the best visits on park for awhile Ridecount: Inferno 31 Swarm 30 (3 Front Row & 1Backwards) Stealth 6 X 4 Saw 1 Detonator 1 Loggers 1 Total 74
  3. TobyNBZ


    I noticed this on Twitter earlier (which is still on there), I think they took it down as the quote said "The Eejanaika roller coaster in Japan holds the Guinness Book record for the most inversions in a roller coaster" They must of forgotten about The Smiler at Alton
  4. Air (5) Battle Galleons (5) Duel (5) Enterprise (5) Frog Hopper (5) Galloper's Carousel (4) Heave Ho! (5) Hex (5) Marauders Mayhem (5) Nemesis (6) Nemesis Sub Terra (5) Oblivion (5) Ripsaw (5) Rita (5) Runaway Mine Train (5) Twirling Toadstool (5) Blade (4) The Flume (5) The Smiler (5) Th13teen (6) Sonic Spinball (5) Skyride (5) Submission (5) Nemesis+ The Smiler -
  5. Unsure if I can make this at the moment. But will try 22nd March is very unlikely though as its Alton opening day
  6. Really should be more active on here

  7. Rode this today and was amazed, how much mist was pumping out of the tunnel. Creeping into the path too just like the old days.At times could hardly see anything, was a welcoming surprise. so had to take a piccy.Foggy Inferno by Inferno Insane, on Flickr
  8. Still forgot to change the height restriction for Tidal Wave thou.http://twitpic.com/4afjug
  9. 1. Nemesis2. Inferno3. Megafobia4. Knightmare5. Stealth6.The Beast/Whirlwind7. Speed: No Limits8. Grand National9. Rush10 The Ultimate
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