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  1. If it was a sacrafice of the 'family friendly' audience then I'm suprised rameses didnt go too.
  2. Mr.man

    Big Brother 2011!

    Okay so tonight is the start of Big Brother 2011.Channel 4 told us it was the end of the Big Brother series on the last Big Brother.But Channel Five have bought it and this year is going to be the biggest brother yet! All signs and billboards said that the show was starting yesterday but then at the beginning of this week it was removed from channel listings and it is starting tonight.The only thing I have heard about this year is that Kerry Katona and her mum are going nto the house and there is going to be a sauna.Discuss Big Brother 2011 here!!
  3. Marc that made me laugh. We have all jumped to conclusions and completley forgot about the reason the beach shuts in October and is drained, for Fright Nights AHA!
  4. I hope Depth Charge stays it always has long queues and I love the look of the giant submarine on the top of the structure!
  5. Mr.man

    Lady GaGa

    That video is stunning, I dont like her as a man, she scares me!
  6. They are taunting us by leaving the queue line and control box there, eviiiil chessie!
  7. Mr.man

    Dubstep Creator

    Thankyou for this it help alot
  8. Yeah I have, is that bad? I was really bored all day! :P

  9. Mr.man


    The council house chav
  10. Mr.man

    Dubstep Creator

    Hi All,My computor is sh!te and I was hoping if any of you know a site to create your own dubstep with YOUR OWN MUSIC, I put that in capitals because I want to make them with ride music and alot of sites give you sounds and stuff to put in. I cant download anything so it has to be a site, but you can say things to download to help others out.Thanks!
  11. One Fright Night tradition, I say to every maze member of staff 'tell my mum I love her'. Its compulsory!The woman on Asylum nearly wet herself laughing
  12. Mr.man

    Logger's Leap

    Ahaha I'm not suprised she didnt let you buy it!
  13. The only ride that I am scared I will return to the bottom paralysed!
  14. It makes me want to cry, wish all the parks were like the old days!
  15. Love the kid pulling a really camp pose
  16. I dont know if this has been answered anywhere else but in quite a few of chessies old maps there is a tiny mark next to Black Buccanear saying Peg Leg Pete, who was this Pete and did he have a story around him. I am guessing its like the Dragon outside dragons Fury that lived around Dragon Falls for a while. Is Pete still at the park??
  17. I remember the giraffes as the Jaguars were next to them. Ahh such good memories!
  18. I remember that, they ahd something similar in The Revenge Of The Mummy ride at Universal Studios Orlando in the queueline!
  19. Who remembes the Action Man Assault Course thing. I never got to expirience it myself but I found it in the old maps and wondered what it was all about! Discuss here!
  20. The co-op are doing two for one and they have included the new blackpool tower!
  21. Mr.man

    Logger's Leap

    I wont get it out in the station or whaever, just get it out on the conveyer belt thing and then put it away after the splash that is all.
  22. Thats a little extreme!?
  23. Mr.man

    Logger's Leap

    oh, silly me. I will try and film it again when I next go.
  24. Mr.man


    Oh, thanks for that I should say sorry really
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