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  1. I'm saving up for a Saw hoodie, oh yes!
  2. Mr.man

    Logger's Leap

    I know, it stinks! I could smell it on me all day, Storm Surge is chlorine infected so its clean, but this and Rumba are discusting.
  3. Vortex is quite bad as the bars fly down pretty fast and hurt me every time.
  4. I think you will have to buy another one IMO?
  5. Mr.man

    Logger's Leap

    Now you can see the drop and it is only pitch black after the drop?
  6. Thorpe having been playing this game on Nemmy, and the op says we only have 40 seconds to get on the ride:lol: I found it funny when all the staff are running around and they cant do it.
  7. The bass is never on now but still the music sounds fab in the station which is good and better than outside thorpe playing cheryl cole and black eyed peas.
  8. Mr.man

    Logger's Leap

    The dark section has a massive gap at the top so its not dark when your going down?
  9. At thorpe it says if you by an annual pass when your there you get your money back which is good
  10. Mr.man


    Have you seen that at the bag collection bit, theres a bin and it says 'put your sick bag here'
  11. Mr.man

    SAW: Alive

    Its worth checking out!
  12. According to wikipedia it cost 6.5million, not sure if thats true though?Also in the tunnel the mist only appears half way through the tunnel. At the start its just water? I dont remember it being like this last season.
  13. thorpe was brilliant on sunday :D

  14. Mr.man

    SAW: Alive

    I found it horrible today! I walked into a really stinky boat, even worse than normal.The picture section was usual.Then we walked into the SWAT room and the woman jumped out at us. She made the man at the front of the group push the button for the Billy video. She then circled us and scared us and led us into the bathroom.The bathroom stunk more than usual and the man in the room was just standing there when we entered. I saw the fake Jigsaw body on the floor for the first time I didnt know that was there but it looks cool. The man came to us and was growling at us. Because I reacted he followed me and kept whispering 'you!' and he followed me through all the way until the end of the freezer scene. The gate wasnt in the Electric scene and the girl in the freezer was swinging all over the place. The mausoleum (sorry about spelling) was really smoky, actor was laughing at us and was whispering at us. Swinging blade wass really amazing, and the actor actually did was he was supposed to. He was lying on the table screaming help. Then the blades went, then he came round and was stroking me and going help me please! And their was a strobe, I dont remember that being in there?The last room looks the same, its cooler in there with an actor. He rubbed his hand on my head and the guns were only spinning not shooting, and then he followed us into the photo collection bit. He walked around the room and gave us creepy looks.I was really impressed and I considered crying at the bathroom point, which is so rare its unreal, I think the actors are happy getting back to their own enviorment to act scary
  15. I thought it was too light? Just a load of blank walls, but some of the scenes were goood and the actors made up for it.
  16. What will the queues be like today roughly anyone thanks in advance.
  17. It probably couldnt get up that part of the track. Maybe a twig off of one of the trees got caught under the wheel?
  18. eurghh second corcscrew for me
  19. They should retheme it to a cat coaster, called Dylan: the ride.How long will the actors be in the queue?
  20. Mr.man


    I had one where I went to thorpe and I wasnt alowed on Colossus because the height limit had gone up to 6 foot, then I went to go on Loggers Leap and I ended up in a creepy peados garden :L
  21. Mr.man


    ive seen:Wicked,Mary PoppinsChitty chitty bang bang,the lion king,loadsss of pantosI want to see ghost stories and the woman in black.
  22. I really love the idea of having actors running around shouting 'The world is going to end!'
  23. 1.Loggers Leap,I know it isnt amazing but it has character and thrill, it brings back good memories for me <3Thorpe Park2.Tonnerre De Zeus,I know I cant spell but it is such a great ride that gave me my first rollercoaster bruise :') Parc Asterix3.Stealth,might be quick but what a thrill, love this ride!!!Thorpe Park4.NemesisThis ride is a classic and is so much fun, really intense and great theming!Alton Towers5.Nemesis InfernoI love this ride, great theming, fast and intense. And at thorpe :DThorpe Park6.Oblivion,This ridescares the poo out of me but it is too good not to ride :DAlton Towers7.Jurassic Park River Adventure, (FL)Amazing theme, great story, hugee drop, love it!Islands of Adventure 8.Saw fantastic layout, huge drop really enjoyable!?Thorpe Park9.Rage,Really quite amazing for a funfair park, really intense!!!!Adventure Island10.Dragons Fury,Really fast, 90 degrees and decent thrill for a childrens theme park ;)Chessington
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