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    Apart from this stuff? Music and Skiing.

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A 30 something year old child, I should have grown out if this nonsense and started to take life at least a little seriously some time ago, but I have not.


Even as a very small boy I loved rides; Ladybirds, those three wheeled motorised bikes you put 20p in, The Snails and Tubs at Great Yarmouth, giant slides and Caterpillar Coasters being firm favourites. This moved on to an obsessive level since the late 80's when my Dad forced me a travelling Orbiter in a manning up session. He soon regretted that when an annoying teenager started demanding to be driven around the country to be thrilled in as many different ways possible.



Now I demand the same of my poor wife, but I do the driving. I don't get to ride as often as I'd like as my corner of Essex is a theme park no mans land (pushing two hours in any direction until I hit the good stuff) and the travelling circuit seems to be dying on its arse, but still manage a few visits every year when life isn't getting in the way.

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