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  1. India - 14 year old boy dies after being 'caught in the wheels of a roller coaster ride', oddly and slightly graphically worded article. Not clear what the ride actually was, but I'm thinking it was really a round ride of some sort from the description of mechanics of injury. India (again) - The worlds crappiest looking drop towers has a moment of uncharacteristic excitement when 'ropes' (possibly quite literally ropes, and not just a poor translation) snapped sending a gondola crashing to the ground injuring 12. The park involved has shut indefinitely. Probably for the best.
  2. I've seen very little about it anywhere, surprisingly. Is it supposed to be any good? How does it compare to their previous Fright Nights escape room effort?
  3. Anyone know when the worst of the school trips hits? People at work are planning to go on 21st of this month and I'm gearing the worst...
  4. Even the might Wodan starts with one of the wretched things!
  5. Designers need to stop slow adverse camber turns. It's not big, it's not clever, it's just weird. Other than that, looks incredible m not the same ride at all, is it?
  6. Back to the Fireball incident which rumbles along. Those injured and the family of the deceased are going after KMG which accusations they were aware of the defect which caused the incident (insufficient thickness on the arms) but failed to share this with ride owners. If they are found to be true KMG could be in a lot of trouble.
  7. Really really interesting, great channel. Just watched the roofs one too, he has some very insightful tales to tell.
  8. Darwin, Australia. Two left with minor injuries when arm of travelling.octopus fails and crashes to the floor. Photos show the ride looks to be made of meccano. M&Ds, Scotland. Inspector who signed Tsunami off as safe without properly checking it was safe before it derailed and nearly killed children somehow manages not to go to jail. Incredible. Montana, USA. Not really a ride accident, but an interesting report. Ride worker convicted of multiple sexual assaults commited while checking the safety straps between riders legs. Dirty boy.
  9. pluk

    2019 Season

    The timing of this suggests it's probably closer to have fallen down than been taken down! Why would they do it now, and with such temporary looking fencing looking so crap unless they really had to?
  10. pluk


    Quantum is one of the best rides on the park, genuinely miss it when it's not there.
  11. Hello Fern! There's nothing wrong with going alone; I've done park on my own before now and have had a decent time. There can be advantages as you can just get on with doing exactly what you want rather than the faff of deciding what to do next, but I'd agree it's better to do it with others. We do have organised meets here on the forum which can be a great way to visit with others, they're great fun and everyone is welcome but it is a good idea to try to use the forums to get to 'know' a few people before hand. Hopefully we'll see you there!
  12. pluk

    2019 Season

    Selling things to commemorate attractions that the place could do really with now as they've mostly not been meaningfully replaced is a little saddening.
  13. pluk

    Paultons Park

    Moved and rethemed magma? Moved and rethemed the other two junior drip towers they have? Or new drop towers? If nee will all the others remain? Paultons like their drop towers!
  14. This is excellent for the park, a bold and not cheep investment. Although I'm a little sad they've come away from knocking up rides in their shed. It's pretty imposing on the front, I don't know how their planning works and what boundaries they can reach before they require permission, but I'm surprised the council are happy with this. The park owners and the council are not exactly friends!
  15. pluk


    Anyone know what is actually up with Monster Party for it to be so swiftly and lengthily down? Brand new madhouse and simple pre-show seems like something which shouldn't cause too many issues.
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