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  1. River quest looks so much better than when I was there a few years ago. I'm glad they've added more theming as it looked quite bare compared to all the other rides there.
  2. PortAventura have posted a few pictures on their instagram today of Ferrari land construction, including a shot with the trains of the accelerator which seem to have Taron style lapbars <3
  3. They are in dire need of a new coaster, so do you think and indoor one could fit in the bubbleworks warehouse? I know it's not very tall, but could be a junior launch coaster of some sort?
  4. I went on twice today, and considering its been officially ope for less than a week I felt really let down by it. Especially after my great rides during rehearsals. The amount of headsets that are broken already is madness, I had one train today where an entire section of the train was broken. My friend also had to hold his headset to his face as the strap was broken on one. Hopefully these broken headsets are just technical errors that they can get sorted quickly
  5. I can't see this having too bad of a throughput when up and running at full capacity, not as good as the coasters but not bad by a long shot. It seems to me that they send a group of 40 in every 3-4 minutes or so.
  6. Can anyone confirm that they're now using both endings?
  7. I think the rectangular motion is probably the most efficient as they could effectively have 4 groups inside at once
  8. It's open for rehearsals again today, just got in the queue
  9. As far as I'm aware that has been happening all weekend, they even have a sign at the turnstiles saying it will be unavailable that has been there over the weekend
  10. I'm on park today and staff are saying it's planned to open for rehearsals again today
  11. And there we have it, track is complete! http://t.co/5xQun4C74Q From Alton Towers twitter
  12. Air (5) Battle Galleons (5) Berry Bish Bash (3) Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (5) Congo River Rapids (5) Driving School (5) Doodle Doo Derby (5) Duel - The Haunted House Strikes Back (6) Enterprise (5) Frog Hopper (5) Galloper's Carousel (5) Haunted Hollow (5) Heave Ho! (5) Hex - The Legend Of The Towers (5) Ice Age The 4D Experience (5) Marauders Mayhem (5) Nemesis (7) Nemesis Sub-Terra (6) Oblivion (7) Old Macdonalds Singing Barn (5) Ripsaw (5) Rita (4) Riverbank Eye Spy (5) Runaway Mine Train (5) Twirling Toadstool (5) There's Something In The Dungheap (3) The Blade (5) The Flume (5) The Gardens (6) The Towers (5) Th13teen (6) Sonic Spinball (4) Sharkbait Reef by SEA LIFE (6) Skyride (5) Squirrel Nutty Ride (5) Submission (3) Wobble World (4) Submission +1 Berry Bish Bash -1
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