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  1. Quantum had engineers around the ride and was testing pretty much all day yesterday so they are still trying to get it open
  2. If I remember correctly there isn't a set program with Vortex, it just stops once it reaches a certain height or after a certain length of time, whatever it reaches first
  3. As I said in my review for FN, I loved some of the new audio like Infernos and Colossus' station. Great atmosphere in both the stations. I wasn't a fan of Amitys myself but admittedly have not listened to the 'story' I've only heard parts of it when walking around the area, which sounded the exact same as normal. Park audio is played way to quiet in places and there are so many dead speakers which just kill the atmosphere for me. Detonator for example, used to be able to hear the audio of Detonator from the top of the inferno queue by the station very clearly, now you can hardly even hear it next to the ride. There are also soo many rides without FN audio, which again just killed the atmosphere. Why couldn't old FN audio be used for the rides which didn't have time for new audio? Even the director one would be better than them playing their regular audio.
  4. So I went to Fright Nights last Sunday, having been going to Fright Nights every year now since 2012 I must say this is the worst one I have experienced. It's been said loads, but its very clear Thorpe went for quantity over quality and it does really show, and is such a shame as I'm sure most people would agree but would just prefer 4 or 5 high-quality mazes than this. Hopefully, the event is completely revamped next year as it really needs it. First of all I must say, I stayed at the Shark Hotel and was very very good value. Was £110 for 2 of us, bearing in mind I didn't buy an annual pass this year it included park tickets, car parking, containment, breakfast the following morning, and they even gave us unlimited fast track all day for rides and mazes!? The fast track alone is worth £300 (£150pp.) Park atmosphere felt very dead this year, I liked the sound of some of the new audio but it's either just played way too quietly or speakers are broken so in some places it can hardly be heard, some rides not even playing any music at all? Walking dead Do or Die - Yes it was better than last year, and I liked how you went inside the shipping containers this year but it just didn't feel complete? Parts of this was really good and parts of it are just lazy. A shame as this attraction has high potential. Walking dead living nightmare - Pretty much the exact same as last year for me, dislike this maze as although the theming is good its just too short and just lacks scares. Still don't know what's going on with the ending but its awful? Dead creek woods - Don't know why some people have rated this highly? Just a walk through the woods with some old toilets used as themeing, lacks scares as actors have nowhere to hide? Worst out of all of them for me. Oh actually haven't got to Vulcan peak yet ? Vulcan peak - Don't really need to give my opinion on this but worst fright night maze I've experienced to date. Don't know how they get away with calling this a scare attraction, just a walk through IAC with a bag on your head and 1 or 2 Thorpe park staff standing there with a feather to try and scare you. No atmosphere at all as way too light in there and there's annoying music/ announcements the whole time. Saw - Same as every other year, I've never been a fan of Saw but was one of my favourites this year. Blair witch - Not much happened and was way too short. Platform 15 - Although I prefer last years version of Platform, purely because of the storey and the ending, this was my favourite maze of the night. The ending was really poor, should've kept it the same. Apart from that though not a lot has changed since last year (not a bad thing), could have done with some more actors in the tunnel as there seemed to be quite a few more last year. The mid house section is still very good. Big top showtime - Was actually pleasantly surprised by this, yes it wasn't a show but I liked the idea and it worked quite well, was nice to still have clowns at the park. Just sad hearing the big top music and seeing such good actors wasted running around the dome when they could be in the big top maze Terror at Amity High - About 4 actors standing around chatting with each other/security around Stealth. This is not a scare zone. Didn't even try to be scary? It was lovely to speak with some of the management and owners of Tulleys, look forward to experiencing their event this year to see what's changed It's such a shame to see Fright Nights just get worse and worse, and other events like Tulleys and Scarefest get better and better. To think this used to be one of my favourite events and have made such high-quality scare attractions such as Big top, experiment 10, asylum, cabin in the woods its a shame to see the event fall apart.
  5. Same for me on Sunday, after a 10 min delay waiting on the train ... There was also no actors in the middle scene? This was the first time I've done it this year, is this normal now?
  6. Yeah, it includes park tickets, containment at a tenner each, car parking, breakfast next day and fast track on all the mazes for an hour. Park tickets, containment and car parking alone comes to around £90 - £95 ish so I think its really good value.
  7. It's £111 for 2 people. I think that's very good value bearing in mind that includes park tickets as well at £33 each if you don't have an annual pass
  8. Makes sense for them as Blair Witch really won't cost them a lot to bring back compared to Big Top If Big Top goes and there is nothing new this year I won't be attending Fright Nights - last year I only enjoyed Big Top and Platform RIP Fright Nights
  9. You can now buy student season passes for £39! If you're a student, that's a bargin
  10. So this will be the second SBNO ride at Thorpe with a queue used for a scare maze ?
  11. ThorpeAddict


    ^^ Completely agree with your last point. The first time I went to Towers years ago me and my family just walked past Duel. Had no idea what it was, didn't even know if it was an attraction. It would be so much more popular if people knew what it actually was.
  12. I believe these were only added last season
  13. The weekends always used to have the same opening hours as well, but on Sundays its only until 5pm now. Lost an hour on every Sunday
  14. Annual passes have gone down this year - £49 Anyone know if this excludes a load of Saturdays like the standard Merlin annual pass? If not this is very good value
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