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  1. I went to Towers the first Friday and Sunday of scarefest. It was really noticeable how much more security there was on the Sunday compared to the Sunday, and even groups of police doing patrols around the park. They were prepared. From previous Sundays I've done at Thorpe where there has been trouble I've never noticed an increase in presence of security etc.. Unsure what it was like this year though. Unsure if alcohol free days will make a real difference at Thorpe, as they seem to be young groups. Not sure if they're even old enough to get alcohol. It does seem to wo
  2. Amity Fish and Chips has been changed to a Ben and Jerrys ice cream shop. Have always missed the Ben and Jerrys by Vortex so will be nice to see it return. Wonder if this is because Nitrogenie will be closing? Chessingtons and Towers have not been open all year so wouldn't be surprised if this is to replace Nitrogenie. Lots of management and staff in there yesterday and looks like it'll be ready to open soon.
  3. Today sounds and looks pretty horrendous. Thoughts go out to all the staff and actors working tonight and I hope no one was injured. It does amaze me how this has been allowed to get as bad as it has. This happens every year, and every year it seems they are not prepared for it.
  4. On Friday, everything remained open till 9 with the exception of Thirteen, Smiler and Wickerman as they all had queues. Them 3 rides showed as 'queue at capacity' on the app. On Sunday all rides on the app / queue line entrances showed as closed from around half 8, however they were still letting us get in queue lines right up until 9. I assume the rides with queues however did close the queues early again.
  5. Thorpe have announced there will be a passholder only day on Friday 6th November, 10am - 8pm with Fright Night attractions open as well. Platform 15 and Roots of Evil will also be free on a first come first serve basis, you can book a free timeslot by scanning a QR code at the maze entrances. Full details below.
  6. They put out a survey a week or so ago asking for opinions on passes with different perks/limitations so wouldn't surprise me if they completely change the types of passes they offer. This included things things like weekday only passes, can only visit certain attractions such as 3 of the theme parks, after 2pm only passes, different amounts of discount + family and friend offers. Will be interesting to see what they come up with. Definitely seems they are slowly taking away some of the perks
  7. My only evac was on Loggers. Boat stopped at the bottom of lift 1 behind a few other boats, we were the last boat to leave the station. They got the ride running again after a while, and then got stuck on the top of lift 1. Again after a while they got the ride running and we got stuck halfway up lift 2. They then gave up on the thing and got evaced, got a few priority passes. Got stuck on the bottom of the lift on Congo river rapids which was entertaining but apart from that nothing really interesting or any evacs.
  8. Some people get there shifts for work on a weekly basis for example. Makes it very hard for them to plan in advance. I tried to organise a weekend up in towers for scarefest this year. Every single weekend is fully booked for the rest of the year for pass holders, well over a month in advance. I know we don't live in a normal circumstances world right now, I'm aware of that, and I agree the parks need to limit there capacity. But my point was that I think they are treating pass holders very differently to paying guests throughout this, and in my opinion think the pre bo
  9. Very weird decision For me the £1 booking fee isn't a problem. Its the fact you have to book weeks in advance. Some people don't plan and can't plan in advance. I find it frustrating not being able to visit when it isn't capacity If anything this is just going to make that problem even worse, as more people are going to book tickets and less will be available
  10. Its a decent lineup of scare zones more than I thought they were going to do! I wonder why alton seem to be doing indoor scare mazes though and Thorpe have decided against that? As said above, interesting decision to charge for the mazes and still charge up to £25 on some nights for pass holders to get in. Towers normally have a maze for free as well. I certainly won't be paying £20 for mazes I've done many times before for free and have found the weakest in previous years but will still be going for the extended opening hours and scare zones.
  11. Doesn't the premium annual pass already offer free parking and less restrictions? Hope this infinity one isn't a VIP type pass with unlimited fastrack all year...
  12. Chessington have extended there main season until 29th November this year, believe they're open every Friday - Monday 10 - 4. Wonder if other merlin parks are going to follow?
  13. Thorpe have updated there opening hours every Friday and Saturday in September and the first week in October (before Fright Nights) to 10am-8pm for Oktoberfest. Good to see they've extended their opening hours and I do hope it'll be popular for them. Crazy that they're open later on Fridays and Saturdays in September than they are during the whole of July and August.
  14. I agree with Josh, I think they've been good the last few years with starting all the coasters on 2 trains whenever they can. I've been on some very quiet days when 2 trains aren't even needed and they have always opened / stayed on 2 train operation. I don't think Swarm would've started on 1 train unless they absolutely had to. Shame they don't have an event like Summer Nights anymore. Think it would be perfect at the moment, a low crowd event would do well at the moment as it would be perfect for social distancing.
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