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  1. Great behind the scenes tour of trailers for anyone interested. Interesting to hear that when they were originally planning the maze one of the options was having the maze in containers, so I can imagine the containers being used again in the future especially with no Platform 15 next year. Unpopular opinion but some of my favourite mazes have been in the containers so would love to see the return of them in the future.
  2. The app is now showing show times of 7, 8 and 9. The message saying its currently unavailable has disappeared so I imagine its ready for tonight
  3. Happened again this morning! If anyone wants a rollback at the moment get yourself on the first train of the day
  4. I guess its a lot less common for it to rollback then it used to (pretty sure it only does a few times a year if that?) as Josh said they did a lot of work to it to prevent rollbacks . So when it does happen I assume there are more checks they need to carry out. Not been too cold but dropped in temp recently so could be why!
  5. Yeah I heard it did the same thing this morning rolled back on the first train! Was going over the top hat pretty quick for the rest of the day, didn't seem anywhere rolling back.
  6. Went to Drayton on Friday, first time in years. Mainly visited as I wanted a session on apocalypse just in case it gets removed, with it being up for sale. Had a really good day, with it being a weekday the crowds were mainly in Thomas land and the rest of the park was dead, didn't have to queue for anything the whole time I was there. Adventure cove is a great addition to the park and I hope they continue with additions like this. The rapids were great, had a nice theme and some decent water effects. Best rapids in the UK in my opinion although that's not exactly hard to beat. The repaint of the Shockwave station looks great, and surprisingly enjoyed it. Didn't find it rough. Was on 1 train (don't even know if it runs 2) but obviously didn't need to be on 2 anyway. The haunting was great, didn't expect this to be as good as it was. Nice little dark ride. Shame its so hidden. Apocalypse was just running 2 towers, sit down and stand up floorless. As far as I'm aware its only been running the 2 all season and the other towers look like they haven't been touched in months. Apocalypse and the Buffalo area is the only area that looks really run down and would love to see them develop this area, without removing apocalypse. Recommend visiting on weekdays at the moment if you're wanting to go down for the thrill rides. It is only open a couple weekdays a week but still very very quiet.
  7. Was 1 train off a rollback yesterday. It rolled back on the first train of the day. Can't explain how gutted I was. They had it back open within an hour, I thought it would be down a while seeing as it isn't really meant to rollback anymore but it opened pretty quickly and didn't roll back the rest of the day as far as I'm aware.
  8. Samurai was running really well yesterday, running at a decent speed once again and a decent cycle. Believe the only reason it was running a lot slower was they needed the new parts to settle in.
  9. Went to Oktoberfest yesterday and had a good day. Great weather, great operations, great atmosphere and low crowds. Was my first time on Black Mirror, which was different. It was better than I thought it was going to be, but now I've done it once I can't see myself going back on it anytime soon. Surprisingly quite a lot of actors for an off peak weekday. Normally not my kind of thing, but I actually thought they did a great job of making a good atmosphere in the Oktoberfest area whilst having a pint, without being too cringe or annoying. Samurai is running awfully slow since its reopened since its downtime. A shame as it had been running really well, but its almost pointless running it in its current state. Just buy a new one or replace with a different flat please. On the whole, audio is still sounding great around the park. Makes a real difference. Must say, I've enjoyed my visits to Thorpe a lot more this year. Hopefully we have a much better Fright Nights this year, and PLEASE bring back 10pm closes.
  10. What is the 'Bavarian Bingo' which takes over the rides? I didn't spot this on any of my visits last year
  11. Would love to see that happen, purely just to see the black hole theme music on Detty again 🥰
  12. The mighty warrior is back in action
  13. I've received an email from Merlin today which confirms that the Crows will be back for this year. Another good decision in my opinion, about the only positive from last years Fright Nights.
  14. As expected, pay per maze will be returning this year which is a shame. Platform 15 and Creek Freak Massacre are also confirmed to be returning. Happy to see Creek Freak returning, thought that was the strongest maze in 2019.
  15. I liked the idea of it, but I think that looks awful to be honest
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