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  1. Craaig


    Also perhaps worth noting (just remembered :D), the staff member I had spoken to said the new development (which they had no idea when would open) would be another coaster 'like Treetops'. How accurate this statement is could be another matter altogether.
  2. Craaig


    Nothing, spoke to a staff member when I was there on Monday and they basically said they believe it's just Aspro being Aspro. Took the long drive to get their purely to take someone on Megafobia on Monday to find out it was shut likely from Monday through Friday, having been open the day before. Was then told I could use my ticket another day instead of Monday. Seem as though petrol actually costs money we just went in anyway and broke our necks on Speed.
  3. Craaig

    Places near Alton Towers

    Stayed at the Dog and Partridge in Swinscoe when I went last year. Booked for me as a gift so wasn't sure what to expect, but it was alright. The accommodation was a little dated (but nicely sized and with parking outside the door to each chalet), the food a little overpriced but not all too bad considering the location and the staff seemed decent. Also dog friendly, which is a plus for us despite... you know, not actually owning a dog yet. Shh.
  4. Yeah, with finances as they are, was kinda relying on this to get into the park this year. Guess I shouldn't complain, it's just a promotion, but you know.
  5. Seems a little ridiculous that they opened it before 10 to be honest with you, but yeah.
  6. Craaig

    Alton Towers Trip Reports

    June 30th/July 1st. My first 2 days at Alton. And my, were they warm. I wasn't in any particular rush to ride things over and over, just enjoyed the experience. Next time, it'll be more ride oriented. Nemesis x4 (x2 in day 1, x2 in day 2) Air x4 (as above) Th13teen x3 (x2 in day 1, x1 in day 2) Spinball x3 (x1 in day 1, x2 in day 2) Rita x2 (x1 both days) Congo River Rapids x2 (as above) Ice Age x1 (day 1) Charlie x1 (day 1) Duel x1 (day 2) Hex x1 (day 2) The Flume x1 (day 1) Runaway Mine Train x1 (day 2) TOTAL: Day 1 - 12 Day 2 - 13 Overall - 25 I'm still not a flat ride fan generally so The Blade was a no-go. Ripsaw is still scaffolding covered. Smiler... yeah. Sub-Terra is still down. Oblivion isn't my kinda thing to start with so that was that. We must've gone into SeaLife at least 4 times though, was very cool (as in temperature) in there, plus nice to look around. Avoided CBeebies altogether. Spinball, Rita, Nemesis and Air were my favourite rides this time, in no particular order. Lots of breakdowns and lots of heat but really low queues aside from for Flume/Rapids so it wasn't too much of an issue. I'm undecided as to whether I prefer Alton or Thorpe. The heat made getting around really tiresome so that may bias opinions towards Thorpe. If Swarm was at Alton and I went on a cooler day, I think the opinion may be different
  7. Craaig

    The Smiler Incident 02/06/2015

    I had my first Alton experience on the 30th and the 1st. There were a lot of closures yesterday, but I hardly heard anyone complain about it. Even when we all had to walk round to the car parks, everyone just got on with it. All seems like non-stories.
  8. Planet Coaster is the new name for Theme Park Tycoon apparently, and Frontier are the guys who made RCT3. I've got higher hopes for this than the new RCT game.
  9. Craaig

    How Busy Is It Going To Be?

    Frankly I won't mind reduced operations if queues are relatively short and the coasters are actually operating for at least most of the day.
  10. Craaig

    How Busy Is It Going To Be?

    Going up for the day on Wednesday (looking like it'll be a wet one, oh well). Should be pretty quiet, right?
  11. Craaig

    New For 2015?

    I did chuckle. Maybe we're FINALLY getting Take Me Out: The Ride: The Wooden One.
  12. Craaig


    So I actually went to Oakwood for the first time on Monday. It was more enjoyable than I expected given the slight lack of major rides, Speed was alright (less rough than Saw in my opinion, but Saw still has the upper hand for me on theming alone) and Megafobia was great, got considerably rougher during the day but that only compliments the ride. I see what people mean about it being slightly dirty though... and they DEFINITELY could've done with more than 1 car on Speed all day.
  13. Craaig

    2014 Season

    Excellent advert, but the massively overstated Stealth at the end did make me chuckle.
  14. Craaig


    I could've sworn I heard Sandstorm being played while I was on it earlier in the month. Also heard parts of Pendulum's The Island being played several times, which made me happy, pretty much some of the only EDM I like.
  15. Craaig

    Thorpe Park Trip Reports

    Hey all, been a while since I've been on here but I thought I'd drop my thoughts on my recent visit (6th/7th April). Booked this trip back through the Thorpe Breaks in January while slightly tipsy not really thinking about the logistics of it, but for 2 days in the park and a night in the (decent) Hilton Bracknell, I wasn't arguing with the low £95 price tag for my girlfriend and I combined. We spent a lot of time chilling out in honesty, the park was pretty empty because of slight occasional rain. Right, memorable points. -I actually got on Saw, 4 times. I dunno if anyone would remember but last time I was here I mentioned being terrified of vertical drops. Got that one nailed now - the reason I don't want to go on it now is the pain rather than fear, seriously. Ouch. But I love the Saw films and what theming there is to do with it so that was cool. Disappointed in the TV screens at the bottom of the lift not working though, and the crossbows were... lame. -X. Lost count of the amount of times we rode this, first time we'd been up since the retheme, and the light 'tunnel' up the lift hill was awesome. -Fish, because Fish. -Inferno. The mist was working for the first time in my experience and was awesome. Several times we went on however, they kept releasing and relocking the restraints. Generally moving pretty quick though, was on 2 trains the whole time. -Colossus... just the once. 1 train running the whole time. It hurts me. -Slammer... was broken. Saw it testing once on the Monday with the dummies. -Angry Birds - couldn't see any traces, I see that's all just coming in now. And finally... -Swarm. Oh Swarm. Forgot how much I love this coaster. The lack of queues on the Monday meant several rides without getting off (not great straight after lunch but still). That was a lot of fun.