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  1. It’s so weird to be reading these messages given that everything has now happened and the park has further developed. I was really upset to see that Bubbleworks was going, then re themed and then again with the Gruffalo. How long is this contracted for? I’ve always visited this park so many times, so it’s hard to see rides being taken out or re themed into something else. Rodeo being my favourite ride. I always wondered what could be put in the space where the field is, I used to walk down the hill and just stare out thinking of what could go there that would improve the area. But then id think, nothing could work because it was on a hill! Now look at what they have planned. Chessington seem to be pulling their socks up, with regards to improvements which had been needed.
  2. Hey guys and girls! I used to be on these forums, years back and somehow drifted away. It says I joined in 2012. I also briefly worked at Thorpe Park in 2005! This all sounds so funny when your typing it up or saying it aloud. So Hi everyone!!! I didn’t say much on here before, so I don’t expect anyone to remember me, but it would nice to use this again and make some friends with similar interests. And lastly, I’m thinking of getting an annual pass so I can visit more!
  3. Hey everybody! I'm Richard, 26, study in Plymouth, however come back home (Croydon, dont judge!) to visit the family! Have worked at both Chessington and Thorpe Park, 2005 and 2006. I've been a member for a while now but I've only just really come back online after a break - of a few years! Look forward to meeting some of you guys !!
  4. Vampire*

    This Or That

    Snow! Tomb Raider or Resident Evil?
  5. I'm guessing that if the fire was that close, surely there might be some sort of smoke damage. So a simple lick of paint on it will do the trick, as long as the buildings still standing!
  6. It's nice to hear that people are actually working on different projects within the park. Will the RMT be placed elsewhere or just kept where it is and re-themed? I feel like some of the rides are being forgotten about considering they're as old as some of us on here! Which marks up both Ramesess Revenge and Dragon Falls, Rameses needs to either be re built or just completely taken out and a new ride in its place. It'll be shame to see it go but its a little un-reliable nowadays. As for Dragon Falls, its very upsetting to see it sitting there literally 'naked', without any theming. The children must think that its an eye sore!
  7. Hopefully Paramount will emcompass the fact of using new techonology in which we have been waiting for. If all goes ahead this will be an amazing achievement in the British Entertainment Industry. I just hope that this doesn't fall through, as we've all heard before that new parks will be opening but to no avail. Also, I persoanlly think that Merlin may not even bother to add any new rides or attractions, as they might decide to wait and see what rides Paramount makes avaliable, then Merlin will decide what to do in order to pull in mass amounts of customers and to pin point their exact target audience.
  8. Hey everyone! I'm Richard, 25 and LOVE theme parks.. Have been visiting Chessington since I was little, so thats made a solid stamp in my life. However I'm open-minded about the other parks that follow on and that are involved with Merlin Entertainments! I've recently moved to plymouth, but have family in London. So a massive Hello.. and hope to speak to you guys soon !!
  9. I'm so glad that Chessington have come up with the unimaginative and turned it into real life.. Lets just hope they can pull a great trick out of the bag!
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