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  1. What other corporate events run? I'll be at the John Lewis one.
  2. I know this isnt reliable and they could just be messing with me, but I was speaking to the ride ops on flying fish as we got the last ride, and they said that they were going to wipe out the shop and add another element to the ride.
  3. I've been before back when it was the first year of the lionsgate contract, and it was the best time at thorpe park ive ever had. So much quieter and a better atmosphere. Would definitely recomend going if you have contacts in the JLP!
  4. Theres also a John Lewis fright night event on the 4th yey
  5. "3. The purchaser of the Annual Pass must be 18 years or over." Ughhh, I've sent an E-mail confirming :/. Do we need to bring any sort of ID? Thanks for the replies.
  6. So I'm going with a group of 4 friends to buy some Thorpe Park annual passes, but its say in the T&C that we must be over 18 to buy one (which we are not). What do we do?
  7. Lol yeah just a normal Thorpe one, cheers tho
  8. How long does it normally take to queue up to collect a pass from the AP building? And would you recommend buying on-line and collecting or just get it on the day?
  9. Yo, does anyone know when the Thorpe Park annual pass sale finishes? Or am I just being dumb?...
  10. Darren Brown bae in on the One Show right now by the way
  11. I found Mike Vallis not 'Make', and he is the Divisional Director of Merlin (formally Chessington) http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Mike-Vallis/1135392255 ‚Äč
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