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Southsea now for 3 and a half years after living in Farnborough & Camberley the rest of my life - I don't miss home one jot to be honest, there's always something going on in Southsea/Portsmouth - free music, events, markets, arts and craft events... then there's a great community of local independent businesses (pubs, restaurants etc.) that I'm proud to know as friends. Portsmouth has a bit of a bad rep but I honestly love it here. Having the sea at the end of my road and Southsea Common 15 minutes away... plus Victorious Festival every year, I just love it :wub:


Oh and and it's considerably cheaper than home too! It's things like takeaways and taxis where you notice it - at home I'd never ever get a taxi but round here there's so much competition (even more so with Uber too) that it's cheaper if there's 2 of you to get a taxi than get a bus! :D

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I live in my home, which is next door to my neighbours house which is next door to mine.


Second homes include:



Inferno's cave

The Chessington South Train Line

The midlands 

TGI Fridays 

Disney Land Paris

The Metropolitan Line

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