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M & D park Motherwell, incident


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I'm shocked that this has happened and am upset that yet another incident is not only doing bad for theme parks but is also causing people to get hurt.


However, I can't say I'm surprised with M&D's types of coasters and track record. If this were an Alton or Thorpe coaster, I'd be in shock like I was with the Smiler crash. But with a park full of rusty and rough Pinfari thrill coasters, I almost felt as if this were inevitable. Even the look of the rides scream unsafe. I wouldn't be surprised if M&D's had to close after this, whether that's before or after the inevitable litigation from the victims and their families (not to mention Pinfari is already in the dust, so M&D's is on their own). Big and rich Merlin can handle a lawsuit and a drop in attendance, but for a small park like M&D's? It could cripple them.


Hopefully all of the victims will be okay. 

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A truly terrifying incident; I can't think of any incident where a coaster train has literally derailed off the tracks RCT style?


Thoughts go out to all victims and their families; let's hope that the injuries aren't life changing (it's a miracle we haven't heard of any fatalities!).

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