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I'm amazed we don't have a topic for this lovely park!

Image result for tovelrand troy

Should have been enough of a reason on its own!


They have a huge expansion plan in progress with an aim of doubling gate figures up to 1.2 million by 2025. So as seen here the entrance will move, 3 big phases for new themed area (first one for 2018 which is the yellow one) and a hotel!


Buildings up to 30metres bar the entrance which has a 45 metre tower whenever that materialises. New rides up to 45 metres with the exception of 3 rides allowed to go to 100 metres. They have nice neighbours it seems (if they have neighbours, its very middle of no where)


So what are they building for 2018? A nice new themed area which if following Magic Valley will be very nice indeed. But with a big coaster. Anyone fancy a B&M wingcoaster?




Really looking forward to watching them expand and growing reasons to go back!

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Toverland has always been a place I've wanted to visit for a while. Thst will become a must once this new wing rider opens which sounds an exceptional addition to the park. 


Hopefully by by the time it's open, road trip material will be comprehensible.


The whole expansion project of this park sounds fantastic and could give the Netherlands another game player (amongst The Efteling) but we shall see. Hopefully they'll eventually build a dark ride too since it currently lacks those.

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According to Loopings, the new proposed wing rider will reach a height of 40 metres (131ft), making it not only the highest coaster at the park (Troy 35 metres), but the second tallest coaster in the Netherlands after Goliath. The ride will also be slightly taller than Swarm and Raptor and around equal height to Flug Der Daemon.


2018 is already looking like a highly exciting year for Europe, not just the UK. Especially with Valkyria at Liseberg and rumours of Phantasialand's next big thing too.


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Did Toverland in Oct  - lovely little park! Troy was great - lovely their rapids, dwirvelwind is a fantastic family trill coaster, Their booster bike was the first I'd been on and was fun, and the biggest surprise was Blitzbahn, so well themed and such a fun ride! Also the fun house and 'witches' house - with the plastic wands! 


Thorpe and Chessington could both learn a lot from this little park!  R.e. Chessington... A family-aimed park needs thrill rides too!


In a way Toverland reminded me of Thorpe in the late 90's - with its clean and lush landscaping - and family orientation and limited ride line-up - with a bit of Chessingtons classic theming thrown in!

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On top of a new major coaster, it is believed Toverland are also adding in a boat ride of some description next year:  http://www.looopings.nl/weblog/7277/Toverland-opent-nieuwe-waterattractie-in-2018.html


Certainly a nice addition - I did feel like a calm boat ride would be a good addition that would give a bit more to the park.  


Some plans for all the 2018 investments may crop online this week, but the park aren't actually going to be doing any specific advertising until the Autumn.


Image from the above link:



The area expansion is happening behind Magic Valley (top middleish), so will end up being a pretty huge expansion for such a small park!

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Well shoot me down I'm double posting...


Someone (who seems reasonably trsutworthy) over on Themepark.nl claims to have seen the plans for the wingrider, and given a Paint job of what it will look like:



-42m high and 800m long (about 5m higher and 25m longer than Swarm for comparison)

-3 inversions 

-Trains would be 6 rows long

-Light blue track and brown supports


A very safe wingrider layout if it is the case, but certainly would add something to the park. 


Also nice to see the THORPE PARK inversion featured... ;)

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Still sounds a very exciting and ambitious project, and one that may well place this park as a must do. I'm also excited for this new water attraction, but am curious to what it could be considering they already have a flume and rapids ride. 


2018 is certainly going to be an impressive year for U.K. and Europe.

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The new water ride is just set to be a calm boat ride (like Tropical Travels for example).  Given how nicely Toverland theme most of their rides, there's plenty of potential for it to be lovely.  


Depends how much money they're dumping to the new land though, as that wingrider won't be cheap...

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It's what a park needs to do to hit that next step... I'd assume Toverland is considered third in Holland (though it and Walibi and basically fighting for second) and this should certainly get people noticing it more...


It's been slowly developing since Troy, imagine having parks thinking long term eh? ;)

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An image of how the new area may look has surfaced over on...shudders...Theme Park Review..



The layout of the boat ride can be seen in dark blue.  




The first helix does seem to take some inspiration from Swarm's helix.  Bit of a shame the pathways won't go closer if that's accurate though.  


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22 hours ago, BaronC. said:

The first helix does seem to take some inspiration from Swarm's helix.  Bit of a shame the pathways won't go closer if that's accurate though.  


Whilst that's true I'm sure the boat ride would provide lovely views of the coaster. Especially when it goes directly under the zero g roll and camelback. That would provide some absolutely amazing sights.

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On 10 May 2017 at 8:07 PM, BaronC. said:

Hearing rumours that this investment (new entrance, plus new land) is totalling 30 million euros (just over £25m).


This is a park that isn't even receiving 750,000 visitors a year.  

Well I am planning to be +1 to the visitor count when the new wing coaster opens next year.


Am I right in thinking that the new entrance, wing coaster and boat ride(+park expansion) are all planned to be ready for 2018? I am planning on combining this park with a trip to plopsa, phantasialand, holiday park etc. next year and I wouldn't want to be visiting when the wing coaster is open but the other areas are only half complete!

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