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Sorry about the Music files that I put up on here they got deleted. So I have resubmited them so here they are. These files will not be deleted ever.Pirates 4DSamurai Off loadingCarnival Of The BizzareI know you dont use recorded files on TPM but this is for people who would like to hear what it sounds like it is a verry good quality record and I hope you like it.Recorded Phantom FantasiaI also noticed that the Rumba rapids loop was shorter than the one I got from Tussauds studios it is 3:45 mins longRumba Rapids Theme

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Dear dear dear.. where do I start... So, project link .. ruined the parks music.. the whole park was dug up to lay new cables and the park was left in a state.. and for what? Advertisements and weeks of broken PA systems which even lead to closures of some rides, all of the best ride music changed for cheap royalty free music.com re-mixes. Could it be left the same? No, whoever is in charge thought that they could really pull this one off but unfortunately failed.. and now one of the best atmospheric things about the whole park has been ruined.. well done

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I was at TP last week and I realised that there seemed to be an extra track added on at the end of the entrance theme. I just wondered if anyone had an updated version of the entrance theme, The 1 I have is a copy I got years ago. The version I have is 10 mins 21 seconds, how long is everyone elses?

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