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I cook most of our meals because my mum takes advantage of the fact that I'm good at it. ;)I home cook Spaghetti Bolognese, Fajitas, Tacos, Chinese, Vegetarian Past Meals, Roasts, this yummy oberjean thing which has no name. Loads.But as it was mothers day, and I was at work, I made my brother do the cooking. So I had a lush roast today.Anyone else cook/make lush food?

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I cook at home quite alot too! It' not one of my mums better skills ! lol :D I love to cook a roast dinner from scratch - Lamb is my favourite.Like making cottage pie, Spag Bol (but using diced beef steak instead of mince) and stir fry.Last night I has BBQ ribs and potato wedges for tea ;)

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I wish I was good at cooking and I have tried but its just not for me, I forget and get distracted, had to throw away to many pans where ive burnt pasta into them lol.I can cook stuffed peppers though and am obsessed with them. And jacket taters are nice and easy ;)Although I can only cook veggie stuff coz although I'm not a vegetarian, I have a phobia of raw meat.

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