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I don't think we have an actual music topic, shock horor. Just a topic to discuss all the latest music stuff, and to find out what you're listening to.ATM I'm absolutely in love with Playradioplay! They're a small indie electronic band, and they're fantastic. If you've not heard of them before you can listen to a cover they've done of "Mr Brightside" by the Killers (another great band) on mah myspace http://www.myspace.com/mcphill .Also I really like "The Script" a little more mainstream. Favorite track has to be "The Man who can't me moved". Check em' out.So what you listening to?

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Isn't it 'the man who can't be moved' ? Ah well, same concept.

Aye, that's the one!Muse are pretty awesome to. I've kinda got a wide taste I think, The Kooks, HelloGoobye, The Script, Playradioplay!, MGMT, Shiny Toy Guns, Angels and Airwaves, Madina Lake, Boys Like Girls, Cobra Starship, I can go on...
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I saw the Script live, as a support band and thought they were great..... Far better than the other support that played... But tbh that wasnt hard ;)I like most stuff really.... Just got Ida Maria's album.... would recommend it, I absolutely love it... Although the bf has stolen it atm!

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iTunes got a pretty big update, with something called Genius, it goes through all your music, and then finds songs you may like based on what you already have, so its a recommendation engine. It can also make playlists based off one song, which are similiar. Been trying it out and it's working pretty well.Take a look! http://www.apple.com

Genius is Awesome!I'm not a very musical person (as my friends would tell you), and I listened to the 'Recommendations' and I LOVED them, tbh I dc about Music that much really, but wowness, there are so many good songs I never knew exsisted :PSorry! (Music virgin :angry:)
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