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Really into my little gem, Mothica recently, who makes like indie EDM, which is really chilled, slow, and has a good mix of sounds. But really recently Ive got thirsty for really oldschool dubstep for whatever reason. Something really humbling though, finding out one of the old school leaders of the genre lived down the road from me, and started the whole scene in a shop on one of my local highstreets.



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On 7/20/2017 at 8:54 AM, MattyMoo said:

Can I have a little brag please? My super talented other half (now wife, to be exact but that makes me sound super old) - Becky Jerams - has a track she co-wrote on the K-Pop act Red Velvet's "The Red Summer" mini album. The album is currently #1 on the Billboard World chart, and the track itself "You Better Know" - which isn't even the title track - has has 1.5 million streams, 84,000 sales and charted at #14 in Korea :D


I know we have some K-Pop fans amongst us so hope you don't mind me sharing.... those figures obviously don't include Youtube streams/usage above so we are super excited. Just a shame it takes a good a year or so for the first royalties to come through! ;)



Red Velvet eh, meh...


Congratulations though! I bet that's a rather awesome job!


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She songwrites in her spare time (she's always been a musician) - at present it's not enough to be her full time job though! This is the first "big" cut she's had. And the trouble is, money for songs takes a long time to filter through - and when pitching for artists, things can change/fall through right at the last minute. She was down to the last 2 for a massive soft-drink ad campaign for example, and then they switched at the last second. It's a bit of a rollercoaster, if you pardon the pun...

It's been confirmed yesterday that a song she co-wrote is going to be used as the end theme to the new series of Gundum Build Fighters :) (first episode airs 04/08)

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Well, I thought I’d add some classical music to the mix (seeing as this is a music topic).


An orchestral suite called ‘The Planets’ by Gustav Holst is currently my favourite orchestral suite (I haven’t had the opportunity to play Trombone in it quite yet) containing some of the most influential music of the last 100 years. Each planet is given a meaning such as Mars, The Bringer of War and the music reflects these very effectively.


The movements Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in particular are my favourites.



0:00 Mars

7:27 Venus

14:52 Mercury

18:39 Jupiter

26:11 Saturn

35:26 Uranus

41:12 Neptune

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Appreciate nobody has posted in here for a while...

Usually around late august I start getting in a halloween mood and the amount of Wednesday 13 I listen to dramatically increases. Nice bit of horror metal and some amusing titles (e.g. my home sweet homicide, happily ever cadaver).

They are also big film and TV geeks and some of their songs are quite tongue in cheek, there a lot of references dotted about (e..g. their nod to Vincent Price below). 


from their newest album, slower but quite melodic and haunting 



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