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Feel like I've wandered into Loose Women here

I know it's not a glamorous job, but my contract at Tesco has been made permanent   

I got the job at Sainsbury's

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Nice attitude to have when applying for a job.. anyway, let me know what day yours is on if you do bother to phone..


Well excuse me dear for not rushing to the phone. Seeing as I applied for the job in February went to the open day and this is the first I’ve heard since, I hardly think the lack of effort is on my part.Seeing as the only thing I have heard is a bulk e-mail anyway, it's hardly like I have a positive impression of the Tussauds employment system as it is.That besides, you say that without actually knowing anything about my circumstances. FYI, I got the e-mail 2 days ago at just gone 4pm, so a bit late to start phoning then. I remembered about it today about the same time, so decided to leave it. My reasoning for this being, it isn't exactly urgent, and nobody likes to be getting phone calls when they're due to leave the office soon. Even that aside, you don't just rush into applying for a job. Perhaps you have nothing better to do than work at Chessington, but I do have other priorities to consider and rushing into second employment while doing A-Levels without thinking first would be stupid.Comprende?
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Well I do apologise that phoning a number and handing over some details isn't a task that particularly thrills me. I guess from that short sentence posted in haste a few hours ago we must deduce that I am far from the model employee that Jack Dann is sure to be, what a crying shame.And love, it's due to problems with the employment system that I’m not employed by them, that's hardly the attitude to take is it. Lets just say that the number they sent out didn't work. Oh well, it's just a problem with the employment system, nobody can be employed now, dang!

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I'm not even saying I'm going to get the job I'm not too sure if I will .. but I at least have a positive attitude towards getting it.. Why apply for a job when you can't be bothered to phone them and dislike they're employment system. I'll leave it there, pointless argument and you're getting the complete wrong end of the stick

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Who's arguing? I'm not arguing!Personally, I don't chose where to work based on the system they use to employ me, more the job at the end of said system. I can be bothered to phone them, hence I will, when I have time to do so.

I'm not even saying I'm going to get the job I'm not too sure if I will

Thats not a very positive attitude! Hehe, I'm sure you will get it. I mean, I have pets that could operate Carousel for christs sake! ;)Do we have a jobs topic? I think I should make one!
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