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Feel like I've wandered into Loose Women here

I know it's not a glamorous job, but my contract at Tesco has been made permanent   

I got the job at Sainsbury's

What happened to Chessington? Lol.

Lol, about that.. :P Nah, it got to a point where I preferred just being out on park helping guests or something rather than working on the rides. Will miss some quality people there though, but I feel like getting a bit more experience elsewhere before going back into Merlin.

Wonder whether you'll tire of it, like me and tescos <_<

Eventually, like all jobs. But so far so good, really enjoying it and a good atmnosphere and enviroment to work in. AND , we got a better canteen than you :P AND I get more pay than you :P
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AND , we got a better canteen than you <_<

Well, if you class a small place with no windows as better :P.Money isn't everything though, its how much you find your job safe, and how much you enjoy it.. I currently love both of my two jobs :P
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I NEED A JOB :PApplied to quite a few place but no replies at all :P Even Primark who have employed two of my friends recently and ALWAYS need staff as people quit regularly.pahhh

Ergh make the most of NOT having a job.... I was desperate for one... now I have two and do nothing but work...Hello 14 hour shift next week (IF I'm out on time)But yeah, keep bugging people, and if I were you I would apply at restaurants.... tips = yay :(
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