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Finally had my assessment at Chessington today (8 months later!), not that anybody else has remembered about it, but hey!For anyone that's even vaguely interested, it went pretty well, the downer being I don't think they have any positions in R&A left, so it's a case of F&B, Car Parks and Presentations or nothing. Decisions!

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Don't think that apply to a 16 year old and under. There are laws in place so you don't work over specific amount of times, days, hours, which is why people don't want to employ under 16's. Not to mention I swear you have to be at least 16 to work in Ride and Attractions, I mean at Thorpe it's 18 so can't see them going lower than 16 at chessington...meh. And I have never seen anyone under 16 work at Chessington, and weren't Thorpe sued for employing 15 year olds, although they lied about their age.

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