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Designs have leaked for Efteling's new hotel by The House of The Five Senses.





I think this looks great though at the same time... it does take away from the House of The Five Senses somewhat?

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To add a screenshot from the above link
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It seems that some inspiration was taken from Disneyland Paris, given this will be a ‘lucrative’ hotel right by the entrance. All gone full circle. 

Judging from the concept, it does look very pretty and should further enhance the area if carried out as planned. 

The thing I want to know is if they any plans for the Efteling hotel? As both appear very similar in their design and function. 

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In a surprising yet unexpected position, it has been confirmed that Efteling will be removing their Spookslot (Haunted House) attraction after the summer season. It will make way for a brand new indoor attraction (presumably a dark ride). 



Whilst not everyone’s cup of tea with some left a little confused by the attraction, I find this news rather saddening. Sure it wasn’t the best thing there, but it had much charm, character and history. It will be missed! 


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Here's the official news: https://www.efteling.com/nl/blog/nieuws/20220124-nieuw-hotel-en-vernieuwd-themagebied-in-2024


So we'll get a new attraction opening in 2024, with a throughput of 1250pph, as well as some sort of 'theme world', which makes me think this investment might see more than just the attraction. No news on what the attraction is yet, and I'm still a little hesitant to refer to it as a ride just yet. The park will spend 25 million euros on this new investment (for comparison, Symbolica was 35 million)


The park will also open a new hotel in 2024, next to the main entrance, so that it will overlook Aquanura (the water show) and the Fairytale Forest. It will have 7 floors, 143 rooms, 2 restaurants and a spa, and represents a 50 million euro investment. For comparison, the most recent hotel offering (Loonsche Land) cost 30 million euros, and the previous (Bosrijk village) cost 52 million euros, but both of those have pretty substantial outdoor bits too, which seems less like with this hotel.

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