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  1. You would think Thorpe Park would have learn't their lesson now by over hyping things. Re mega flop over hyped Derren Brown Ghost Train, they simply have not learnt. I will be avoiding Fright Nights like the plaque this year its way past its glory days. Ok you don't have to watch it but all spoilers of the mazes by the vloggers from preview nights save me from a visit now and the hassle of getting out of the place after. Thanks Thorpe for that.
  2. Totally agree on wasting money on it. Merlin / Thorpe are so keen on cutbacks and saving money just get rid of it.
  3. A complete revamp. Bring in someone with fresh ideas, money should be spent on the maze itself and not ip. Quality over quantity. Better organisation, maybe a rethink on the maze queue system. Close Derren Brown Ghost Train for good and create a haunted station themed maze. ? No more pound land theming and less of these !!!!
  4. Hit the nail on the head. Everyone else is blamed but themselves. They never learn if I recall there were major issues last year too.
  5. Thorpe Park so deserve the bashing they are getting on Facebook and Twitter tonight. They have delivered such a poor quality, badly managed Fright Nights this year. The park is a laughing stock,, really do feel for those poor people that are there tonight and the last few days.
  6. It's really is quite sad to see how the quality of Fright Nights has dropped this year. In fact its not just Fright Nights its the whole running of the park. They seriously need a complete refresh at present its seems the social media wannabees are running the place.
  7. Give it a year or so then Ghost Train will be added to the list. I really have zero interest in the year of walking dead malarkey.
  8. Derren Brown Ghost Train must go down as one of the most expensive flops in UK theme park history.
  9. What an absolute joke Thorpe Park have become. One bad decision after another with their new investments. The place is a total dump and this new run down addition just tops it off. The amount of money they waste on rubbish temporary attractions like this could have been used to tidy up the decaying park. Thinking back through the years when there was Colossus > Nemesis Inferno > Samurai > Slammer and Rush > Stealth > Saw. They were really heading somewhere and now look. I blame too many young inexperienced managers. Pathetic Thorpe Park !
  10. When will the learn. There just seems to be zero direction with this place.
  11. Another ridiculous idea from Thorpe Park. What really annoys me they can find money for short term junk like this but cannot maintain their current attractions. Proves they take no notice of any feedback. Only have to look at the reviews on TripAdvisor It seems these young inexperienced staff running Thorpe Park are clueless. Sure they will blame someone else though when it fails. Seems Thorpe is on a downward spiral. Flop after flop.
  12. Think the main issue with the attraction was / is the over use of VR. If I recall in the very early promo days it was supposed to only have a small segment of VR. Sadly I still hate this ride even with the update. What could have of become with a budget of that level. One thing I really hope Merlin would learn from this is to actual deliver something fantastic if they are going to over hype it. So did this bring in less for the park than The Swarm ?
  13. Roughest Ride and along with Nemesis Inferno in a shocking condition. Look at this photo from TripAdvisor The State of Colossus at Thorpe Park
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