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  1. Blackpool Pleasure Beach's new soundtrack is now available on iTunes and has also been uploaded to YouTube; Full version; Pop version; I absolutely adore these soundtracks, it feels like they have had real care and attention put into them with so many PB sounds and quotes from the Thompsons integrated and the singer's vocals are stunning. In particular the full version - just incredible.
  2. Paultons was indeed excellent on Sunday. Tornado Springs is a stunning new area and Storm Chaser is an incredible addition to the park. I really like how it's a coaster of two halves, you get the calmer first half with views around the park, then you dive into the helix which is packed full of force before the final few turns throw you around a bit before you reach the brakes. Genuinely, I think it's the best Mack coaster in the country. It left me with a real "wow" feeling when I hit the brake run on every ride, and had me eager to get straight back on. A
  3. Why are they replacing the Bose speakers, out of interest? Surely these are pretty expensive and therefore installed with longevity in mind?
  4. If they are able to find a suitable alternative which enables those who need it to have access but without situations such as 1 hour RAP queues like in those photos - that would of course be the best solution. However - is that possible?
  5. I'd suggest promising them RAP access and them then having to wait an hour on a crowded path not even designed for queueing is more unfair, in all honesty.
  6. It's great I think if more people are being diagnosed correctly, however, I feel that the current RAP queueing situation is worse for everyone. One fast moving queue would surely be better for those whom currently use RAP, as well as guests using the main queues.
  7. I have to be honest, that looks like absolute hell on earth to visit and not fun for anyone. Genuinely, I think that one fast moving queue-line with RAP access for wheelchair users only would provide a better experience for everyone; both those who would have otherwise been using RAP, and guests in the main queue.
  8. Pleasure Beach have brought back Mr Funshine on the entrance arches! The arches have also been sandblasted and repainted and look much smarter. https://twitter.com/AutoRideCount/status/1380836424350629889?s=20 They've also got flags with Mr Funshine and the 125th anniversary logo on, which I saw on the BBC News report.
  9. Pleasure Beach being adored by some enthusiasts and disliked by others does make sense though, since I feel the same about Thorpe. It's put on a pedestal by enthusiasts but I personally find it pretty awful, the only coaster I really like there is Inferno and in terms of other rides besides the headliners, there's naff all. Blackpool is in my view a much better park than the others in the UK, the ride offering is much more complete and almost all the coasters are thrilling, plus there's the retro rides too. It's also important to remember the nostalgia for lots of people goes tow
  10. You can hear a snippet of what I guess is a new Pleasure Beach song near the start of this video, I love the tributes to Geoffrey and Doris Thompson.
  11. At a very basic level, a park entrance should be visually appealing, efficient and functional. Thorpe's achieves none of these; the local rubbish tip has a nicer entrance.
  12. How long before Icon goes down to two train operation during busy times. Never seen that before at PB... oh hang on a minute.
  13. In a way, this is sort-of what I mean - if the ride was successful, popular etc. then the drive would be there to reopen it as soon as possible. I don't think there's any dodging the fact that it was an outrageous waste of a large investment, for that amount 10 years of operation would surely be far too short - let alone 5. Covid may have cut its time short, but if there's no drive from the park or IP to get it reopened, I'd suggest that is a sign of a failed project.
  14. I'm not sure about that. Wouldn't it just be like any other attraction (closed when unsafe, reopened when safe)? If it doesn't reopen when it's safe to, we can't blame Covid entirely for that.
  15. Well no-one could have seen this coming. Oh wait.
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