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  1. Coaster

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Opening day last year was fine. A couple of breakdowns but the rides reopened shortly afterwards, some coasters on low capacity but the park held together pretty well overall.
  2. Coaster

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    That's just terrible I'm sorry, this place isn't BPB anymore. It's just an embarrassment. If you're still on park I'd recommend going into guest services (or if you've left maybe speak with the staff outside Noah's Ark).
  3. Coaster

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I wasn't on park or anywhere near Blackpool today, but it sounds like it's been one of the worst days in the park's history. Icon closed by lunchtime, every coaster (apart from Dipper and Icon in the morning) on one train, PMBO e-stopping on the lifthill constantly, most coasters closed for some or all of the day and Valhalla/flats going down constantly. The Big One only started testing in the last week, is that really long enough? For comparison, I went to opening weekend last year and whilst there were a few breakdowns (as to be expected really) and some rides on low capacity, it was an enjoyable weekend and we managed to get on everything. This highlights, IMO, how far the park has fallen in the past year in terms of being able to hold together on a busy day. It was awful towards the end of last season, and seems that it's even worse now. The park has lost many of its most experienced staff and it shows.
  4. We've had top 10 coaster counts, we've had park counts, but what about your top 10 roller coaster manufacturers? I'll start with my current list, bearing in mind I haven’t yet visited many non-UK parks and am yet to ride an RMC (hence me not being able to judge them); 5. Intamin - They've produced some shockers and I'm not generally a huge fan of the UK collection we have, but they've also brought us some incredible rides such as Taron, and I'm sure with various ventures this year I'll get to ride some of their better rides. 4. Mack Rides - Their rich family values and innovative technology make them a special company, who have produced some of the most globally-recognised and comfortable coasters of modern times. They've started new design trends, but (from my experience) their coasters are a little to "polite" for my personal taste. 3. B&M - Some of their coasters are incredible, some I find fairly dull, but in terms of quality and durability they're second-to-none. 2. Great Coasters International – Just amazing. They've taken the classic concept of a wooden coaster and completely reinvented it with modern technology, from the insane fast turns of Troy to frantic bunny-hops on Joris, they push the capabilities of a wooden coaster to its absolute limits and it’s fantastic. 1. Arrow Dynamics - Just an absolutely incredible company with a fascinating history. Sure, they had their shortfalls; plenty of them. But this is the company that invented the modern steel coaster - the company that started log flumes, hyper coasters and so many other coaster/ride types that we now take for granted. I sometimes wonder where the industry would be today if Arrow hadn't existed. Considering the huge amount of concepts they introduced, and the fact that many employees from Arrow went on to work in other, or in some cases, started their own company, they truly left a huge legacy behind. I love the quirkiness and awkwardness of some of their coasters, which is probably quite telling of why I hold The Big One in such high regard, and the work Arrow did set the stage for the future of the industry in so many ways.
  5. Coaster


    Efteling seem to be doing a lot of good, though the replacement for Bob does look to be a bit of a downgrade. Crossing my fingers that it's open in April, missed it by a week last October!
  6. Coaster

    The Next Big Thing

    I like that way of thinking, sort the park out properly and then invest in something big once its ready - if that's what they're doing then fair enough. Should've happened years ago, mind.
  7. Coaster

    The Small Parks Thread

    Ahh, the memories! Ultimate Top 10 Thrill Rides was the classic.
  8. Coaster

    The Small Parks Thread

    Not a fan of the way Cedar Fair go about things, tbh. Didn't they buy Geauga Lake and close it down purely to eliminate competition for Cedar Point, losing a park over 100 years old with a rich history in the process?
  9. Coaster

    The Next Big Thing

    Thorpe seem to have a one track mind with IPs at the moment, it's probably why any developments are delayed.
  10. Coaster

    2019 Season

    I'm not sure if they were available to purchase online, but I remember "bounce backs" being heavily advertised at Thorpe back in 2008-11ish; it might have been as you were exiting the park rather than on the way in though. Same with the "Towers 2 ticket" (think it was called that), I think they may have even offered the choice between returning the next day or any day for the remainder of the season at a higher price.
  11. Coaster

    2019 Season

    Trouble is, that's Thorpe...
  12. Coaster

    2019 Season

    I mean, they're damaging their own brand more than anything else. It's like the park has gone into "self destruct mode" recently..
  13. Coaster

    2019 Season

    What even is Thorpe's social media...
  14. Another thing, I find it really naff that you see guests getting off the train carriage before/whilst you board, ideally the offload should have been on the other side surely? It'd be really nice if Thorpe arranged a behind the scenes tour for TPM, the same way that PBE members (myself included) have had tours round the interior of Valhalla.
  15. I think the potential of the hanging train carriage and reveal that you've moved into an underground station are both massively underused, they're the most impressive features of the whole ride yet you're rushed off the train without even getting time to see the surroundings you've moved into? I'm sorry, who thought that up? Why go to the extent of creating such a clever illusion and then fail to present it properly? There should be a lighting sequence and audio when you get off that train, it should be a big moment. Also, has anyone considered that it could be a much more fun experience without the VR? It could be more of a multi sensory experience on the train with it plunging you into darkness, using audio and lighting cleverly to create actual, proper illusions, filling the train up with smoke and projecting figures onto it etc. In my opinion, the use of VR destroys the potential that the (extremely clever) ride system had and makes it an extremely poor and subjective experience. It never delivered on its promises and has only got worse since opening, then there's the completely destoyed live scene too.