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  1. Had a ride on Rameses yesterday. We were waiting in the queue for longer than I would have liked as it took ages to actually get going! On the ride before ours, the restraints had to be reset 4 times and 3 larger guests (in my opinion they weren't even that large!) had to be escorted off after first being shuffled around a bit (is this to balance the weight or something)? The cycle was very short and all that happened was a couple of spins at the top and then the slow decline into the water fountains! Not any noticeable squeaking though which I take as a good sign. Maybe they've coated it in WD40!
  2. Had 2 rides on this yesterday for the first time and I really enjoyed it! The queue-line is good for entertaining kids with all the little activities dotted throughout. The first photo point is also a nice addition. The station looks great with the foliage on the ceiling and the lighting in there creates a nice atmosphere. The story is told really well in the limited time available and the projections and animatronics are great. Think my favourite room is the one with the dandelions in. Love the different smell pods in each section and that the on-ride photo is on the drop now. Only bad thing was the water projection effect at the end not working. Instead of it projecting onto the waterfall it was in the path of the boats and you couldn't make out what it was at all!
  3. Had 3 rides on Tomb Blaster yesterday with a couple of friends. We thought we'd worked out the scoring system (yellow = 100, blue = 50, red = 25) but somehow managed to get scores ending in 20, 45, 60 and 85! Can anyone enlighten us? Our top score of the day was 32,025 sitting on the back row (as we realised we could still get points after the ride stops at the end before moving back into the station!). My best was 26,845. Sorry in advance if anyone has posted about this before!
  4. I was on park today. The tube train effect in the tunnel was up and running for my first ride of the day but not for the re-ride unfortunately. Also three infected actors this time for the live action scene! There were a lot of screams and a round of applause after the new ending which was great to see!
  5. Mostly from Europa Park but a couple from Thorpe, one of a scorpion at Scorpion Express and one of Munich Looping!
  6. 1. Nemesis Inferno - so smooth, lovely layout and was the first coaster I went on with inversions so holds a special place in my heart... 2. Stealth - short but fast and thrilling - enough said! 3. Saw - seems to have got less rough the last few times I've been on it - not sure why? Love the beyond vertical drop, always get a bit scared before it happens, and there's one drop that seems to come out of nowhere towards the end! 4. Swarm - smooth but too slow for me and seems as though it's over too quick... 5. Colossus - great layout but the roughness of it really lets it down, especially if you're sitting towards the back! X and Flying Fish are fun too, but I liked X more before it had the stupid no single rider rule
  7. Just thought I'd bump up my favourite ride
  8. Mist not on and also only running on one train today!
  9. Just asked the nice man outside entrance about when/whether it'll open - between 7 and 7:30pm apparently! Fingers crossed!
  10. Experiencing the usual issues with the Ghost Train today - waited outside entrance for around 30 minutes before being let into the queueline, only to be told that the ride had ceased operation a few minutes later! This was quickly followed by another announcement saying it was back in operation and then another one 10 minutes later saying it was experiencing technical problems! Waited too long not to leave now but it is very frustrating! Also both photo points not working and no music UPDATE: the queue is moving!
  11. It's longer than just saying 'Nemesis' so in theory is harder to remember when repeating it all back. I definitely would have gone for Nemesis Inferno if that had been my turn though.
  12. Does anyone have any tips for beating boredom in the queueline? A group of us made an in-queue game for 2 or more players: One person in your group thinks of and states the name of a ride/attraction beginning with A. The next person repeats the first person's answer, adding their own answer for a ride/attraction beginning with B. The next person repeats the first two rides/attractions said by the first two people and gives an answer beginning with C and so on. It's even more fun if you think of a ride with the longest name possible! Haven't really figured out what happens if someone can't think of one of the answers/takes too long/gives a wrong answer! Enjoy!
  13. I've been on it once so far today - (went on twice on Tuesday too) and got the same ending all three times. Hoping to get on it again later and will let you know if I get the alternate one
  14. Yeah I think it was only for VIP pass holders? Not sure though... Priority and disabled is open too I think? Another half an hour and we will be on I reckon! ? Edit: actually we were on in 10 minutes! Queue time was around 60 mins for us. Think it's up to 90 now though. Throughput pretty good considering a few headsets are out of action. Hope to get back on it again later on after a mammoth 75 min queue for Colossus!
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