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  1. The Swarm

    Pretty certain that if DBGT and Swarm are now discounting their items, it must mean they are making way for new stock next year more than anything. Or, another theory could be that maybe sales in both those stores haven't been as good as hoped? As a result, they are scheduled to be closed and any excess stock moved to the dome's store perhaps? They could easily turn the container outside Swarm into something else or just simply a storage crate, and with DBGT, use the space in the shop for another room to add to the experience for next year perhaps? If Colossus or Inferno's shops start discounting, that theory can then be thrown out!
  2. Park Operations

    It does seem weird though that previous visits made this year have had the wind gust speeds much higher than this without any issues, so if this is something introduced within the last week or so, that may make sense. Clearly I don't know what happens during a power failure as I have never witnessed one before, so thanks for explaining that! But to see Banana Boat closed which is sheltered by surrounding vegetation and rides, whereas Saw, which is literally sticking straight into the air on the lake running fine in this weather is bizare. All rides are back open again but the wind feels no weaker compared to an hour ago.
  3. Park Operations

    For everyone's information, if you are planning on visiting but the weather says wind gusts no more than 28mph, be prepared for half the park to be shut down. This is what is happening right now at the park. Aimlessly wandering at the moment to find something open: Smells more like another power cut to me...
  4. The Swarm

    The price drop could just simply mean much of the existing merchandise will be scrapped for newer items since most of what is available in the shops now has been for several years. Unless a sponsor or IP is due to take over it soon...
  5. Park Music

    Visited yesterday and noticed the entrance audio has been extended in length by almost double now I believe to about 30 minutes and consists of many of the ride/area themes remixed together, noticeably in the order they opened for the first time. Some used their new music such as DBGT and Colossus (ugh), some existing ones like Nemesis Inferno, but also some new unheard ones which sounded as though they belonged with Old Town, Storm Surge and Amity Cove. Could these be changing soon? Also, a pre-recorded announcement has been added to the entrance asking you to present your tickets at the turnstiles, though I'm certain it's manually used and hasn't been merged into the music.
  6. Park Music

    Heard it yesterday too and like Matt, I'm not a fan of this new audio playing around Colossus either. It simply doesn't suit the ride, but it does however work very well with all the flats. The dominating and intimidating feel Colossus once had is now gone and this change has made it lose some of it's character in all honesty, especially with the tingly, high note sections of the track (couldn't think of a better explanation) and the overuse of the island's new theme eliminates any originality. It should stay just for use around all of Lost City's flats as it works great there, not the world's first 10 looping coaster. Sorry Thorpe, but this to me was a wrong decision to make. Please bring back what it was before. Also, some things will age worse than the paint work on Colossus, this tweet being one of them: Here are snippets of those sections I am referring to: Clip 1.mp3 Clip 2.mp3
  7. Park Music

    I'll start off by saying I'm reserving full judgement until hearing the extended version of Lost City's audio playing on Colossus now, BUT... Out of all the attractions that should receive an audio makeover this year, Colossus should be right at the very bottom of that list along with Nemesis Inferno. I understand they are trying to merge Colossus better with the rest of the other rides in Lost City by playing the same audio, but to take away what many would regard the defining music of Thorpe Park as a whole and to give the ride less of a unique, dominant and intimidating feel to what it was before? That does not sit right by me. That's like taking away The Smiler's theme and replacing the whole ride with The Sanctuary's theme instead, or worse, Nemesis being changed for good (not temporarily like in 2007) if that day ever dares to arrive. As I said, full judgement will be reserved until I hear it, but it's sad to know Alton's Corkscrew of Thorpe Park; the ride which started it all; the ride which put Thorpe on the map; the ride which Thorpe said they wouldn't change back in March is now likely never going to sound the same again.
  8. Top 10's

    Since I've been travelling a fair bit this year so far, this is the updated list, which excludes Red Force at PortAventura which could make the list later next month: Top Mixed Manufacture Coasters: 1) Helix. Everything about this ride is perfection from the speed, presentation, seat comfort, music, smoothness, intensity and track layout, and the airtime it offers is immense. 2) Shambhala. Still one of the most exhilarating coasters out there with a huge sense of adrenaline down every drop, and the minimalistic restraints are what sells this ride. 3) Taron. Best themed coaster out there today and an excellent second launch, though the trim breaks near the end do kill the pace a little. 4) Nemesis. Still a firm favorite and always will be. No more. 5) Balder. For a wooden coaster, this is surprisingly smooth and has some very fast and steep drops which all offer great airtime. 6) Black Mamba. Very closely behind Nemesis, but the layout towards the end does seem a little standard and nothing that exciting. 7) Sheikra. Only done once over 10 years ago and still remember it being brilliant. 8) Lisebergbanan. This might be a family coaster, but it sure packs one hell of a punch and is surprisingly fast too. 9) Stealth. Short, fast, powerful and simple. Easy...... and only one of them. 10) Megafobia. Almost like a smaller brother to Balder; still smooth, fast and lots of airtime. Top Flat Rides: 1) Loke. 2) Talocan. 3) Detonator. 4) Mechanica. 5) Uppswinget. 6) Rush. 7) Slammer. 8) Hurakan Condor. 9) AtmosFear. 10) AeroSpin.
  9. Park Music

    Whilst it's good to finally see the announcement from previous discarded, having a faint voice over announcement with an American accent alongside a heartbeat similar to Kanonen when leaving the station is no better. Anything wrong with using the original one once again or is that asking too much?
  10. SAW: The Ride

    Never realised Saw had a system like this installed. Found it odd when the queue board said 74 minutes the other week and this would be why! Does the system take into account instances where either the ride is running at a reduced capacity such as Colossus on one train, as well as the Fastrack/Parent Swap/Disabled queues too? If it can calculate an estimated wait on those accounted factors as well as dispatch time in-between, that's quite impressive.
  11. Fright Nights 2017

    Well you could argue they've got to recoup the cost of spending £40M last year somewhere haven't they?! What a bleedin' joke. Scarefest this year it is then...
  12. Park Music

    I have to disagree with this. The Bose ones used currently across many rides in the park such as Colossus, Inferno and Stealth sound fine when they are working properly. They offer a 360 degree sound system and are designed to withstand the harshest of climate conditions, which is why many of them still work today. They also have their advantage of not needing to be attached to walls, or in Storm Surge's case to a wooden stick in the ground. Ghost Train I believe uses these new EV Evid speakers all over the queue and frankly, they sound nowhere near as sharp and as powerful as the Bose ones used say in Lost City for example. You only have to listen to the soundtrack through decent headphones to know how lackluster they are. To me, fitting new speakers across the park should only be a last resort if the existing ones are genuinely broken. In most cases, this is more likely not the case, just like Saw yesterday revealed.
  13. Park Music

    Got round to visiting Thorpe today having a listen to the new audio for Lost City, and I can tell you, it's miles better than previous. The ambience track that has been used for many years to me just felt dull, stale and repetitive, and the added use of jungle noises which were far too loud to sound genuine just got on my nerves very quickly. You can hear it when riding Colossus in the station, so it always felt odd they would just feed it to an entire area of the park with 4 flat rides additionally. But now, it's all gone. Gone completely. It has instead been replaced with an 8:20 minute track made by IMAscore with it's own unique theme, as well as familiar and newer ones remixed together. Vortex's theme has been placed into the track, which is the section played when the ride begins to slow down and the new entrance tune has been included too. It's similar to Galactica, Smiler and Spinball where ITHOTMK has subtly been added in. Even though the recording Marc posted the other day has the frustrating jungle sound effects still there, I can only assume that must have been during either a test of the new audio, or the older one was still in the process of being phased out, because it is no longer present, thankfully. Also, I'm pretty sure IAC's speakers were playing new audio too from IMAscore, but I could be wrong. It didn't sound anywhere near as good as Lost City to me. This newer version is great, even if it does sound a little similar to other IMAscore tracks. Here's another snippet of the track today: 010717_lc_snip.mp3 Those letters underlined are there for a reason. Look closer.
  14. There have been a few subtle updates and changes made to the operations and efficiency after trying it today, as well as a few new issues. This is what I have seen: • Outdoor queue speakers cutting at random intervals again. Ugh. • In the pre-show room, they have marked on the floor 5 separate rows with dividing lines in-between. The staff allocate you to a row to prevent overcrowding near the front. Much better. • One of the speakers (on the left side) in the pre-show room has either been turned down considerably or there's a fault, because the audio sounds less deep and more flat than before, as well as quieter compared to previous rides. • Again, in the pre-show room, half of the light bulbs above your head are incredibly dimly lit now, so much so that there's almost no point in them being there anymore. To make it worse, these bulbs now emit a bright and cold white light instead of a typical warmish, yellowish halogen bulb, which tells me these are LED bulbs used. • The way they board/un-board you into the carriage in the warehouse has improved. Instead of using one set of doors to load and the other to unload, they use both simultaneously now. This means when you get on the carriage, you are guided by a staff member to use both platform walkways to speed up the whole process and the same applies for getting off again. Liked this approach much better and eliminated waiting on the walkway for the train ahead to unload fully. • On my ride, I would estimate out of 58 headsets, 13-15 were out of use. Not a good situation to be in, especially leading up to the summer holidays and Fright Nights with the queues just weeks away. • Finally, in the shop where you van view your photos, the green jars above were all off and had Windows error messages displayed. Pretty funny seeing this. Plus, some of them now use a red filter instead of a green one, which might indicate different faces will appear in these jars when it works. Head of the monster perhaps? Just a theory. But overall, the ride experience was still in a good condition. All effects were working, most headsets too and the staff operated it very well. Sent from my Samsung S8 using Tapatalk
  15. Park Music

    Glad it's changed as it became very repetitive quite quickly and was essentially Colossus' station audio with added jungle sound effects. Hopefully this newer version has a much longer and less repetitve loop. Will be interesting to see if other areas (not rides) of the park get a similar treatment to this. Equally glad Colossus has stayed too as that is one which should never change, no matter the circumstance. Whilst we are on the topics of IMAscore, new audio and recordings being made, here's a snippet of one some may be after: 250317_full_edited.mp3