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  1. Thorpe Park Ride Game 2017

    Angry Birds 4D Experience (5) Depth Charge (5) Detonator: Bombs Away (5) Flying Fish (5) I'm A Celebrity (1) King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems (5) Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride (5) Loggers Leap (5) Nemesis Inferno (6) Quantum (5) Rocky Express (7) Rumba Rapids (5) Rush (5) Samurai (5) Stealth (5) Storm In A Teacup (5) The Swarm (5) Tidal Wave (5) Timber Tug Boat (4) Vortex (5) X (7) Zodiac (5) X + I'm A Celeb -
  2. New for 2018

    Don't worry, you didn't miss much. It might look all pretty inside but everything else was dismal, just like I'm a Celeb. If this retheme keeps the same 1m height restriction and no minimum age required, I'll be interested in giving it a chance then. But when you consider the track record where attractions like Sub-Terra, DBGT, Saw and all the mazes require you to be at least 12+, I ain't expecting this to be any different, especially for a ride in the dark. I've always wanted X to get a retheme at some point if it wasn't planned to be demolished and I'm not against change if it means for the better. For instance, I believe Gruffaloworks is miles better than Imperial Leather's Bubbleworks and that was a step in the right direction for Chessington this year as it didn't start turning away their existing target market. But when it's change for the sake of change which could result in a smaller/narrower audience, that's where a line is drawn. I simply cannot see this being a winner for both the thrill and family markets.
  3. New for 2018

    Sorry, but Timber Tug and Lumber Jump are not worthy subsititutes for X’s replacement. If Loggers Leap was to reopen the same year as this re-theme of X, this may all be manageable but no indication suggests this to be the case at the moment. So as things currently stand, the lineup for families is likely going to be reduced for 2018 and this is where the problem lies with me. If this Walking Dead theme for X is going to result in a new height/age restriction imposed, what coasters are those between the 1m - 1.4m height bracket going to be left to ride in the park other than Flying Fish? Nothing. At least with Chessington and Alton Towers there is a wide variety of coasters which appeal to this market, as well as older audiences such as Vampire, Dragon’s Fury, Spinball, Runaway Mine Train, Thirteen and hopefully Wicker Man soon. X might have spent the majority of it’s life so far since 1996 with a 1.4m height restriction, but I consider these last 4 years to be the better years of the ride since it finally stopped pretending to be an extreme thrill and started to welcome kids as young as 5 onto it at long last, whilst appealing to the young adults at the same time. If it happens, why would the park want to reverse this decision and theme it on a horror TV show, other than to plaster an IP over it with another hyperbolic “world first” claim? It makes no sense other than for marketing reasons.
  4. New for 2018

    So it appears Thorpe have decided to take a popular family coaster, which served well between 2013 - 2017 for the 1m - 1.3m audience, retheme it to what is likely going to be on The Walking Dead judging by these plans, possibly add a new height/age restriction as a result, just to make another tacky and depressing IP-based "world first"?
  5. New for 2018

    Does a horror theme really work for a family coaster though? Thirteen when new was not only called out on the ridiculous marketing behind it, but the nature of it being too scary for younger riders, and now we could see the same thing happen all over again with theming a wooden coaster on flippin’ Wicker Man at the same park for crying out loud. But for Walking Dead on the other hand taking over X possibly? That’s the riskiest one yet. The franchise is popular and most people are familiar with what it entails. If a family for instance who visits the park knows the franchise well with two younger kids aged 7-9, do you think they would be happy to allow them onto a ride which could potentially terrify them if there’s no age restriction? This to me seems like a quick and easy way to use yet another IP at the park which appeals to their core market. But by doing so, they are alienating their younger audience further and families might discover in 2018 their kid’s favourite coaster can no longer be ridden due to a new height/age restriction imposed on a horror franchise-themed ride. I’m all for seeing existing rides being spruced up when they need it, but not if it means narrowing your audience.
  6. New for 2018

    Kinda interesting to see X's entrance disappear like that, so something's going on with it which is quite substantial. Whether it's a re-theme or moving of the entrance to the back, just as long as it's not closing down permanently for another scare maze, that's all that matters. Thinking about it more and more, Living Nightmare being made permanent would take away some exclusivity behind Fright Nights and now it's been open for several weeks this year, how can it be made a world first or be classed as new for 2018? The phrase 'safe zone' could link to a building, in this case being X's pyramid. Both attractions are in the same building; one open year-round, the other for Fright Nights. Could it be X will become the 'World's first Walking Dead roller coaster'? Please no...
  7. DBGT has potential and that I have no doubts about, but it's still a mess in it's current state and some of the most basic elements such as lighting, audio and visual effects still aren't up to an acceptable standard or have been broken for the majority of a second season now (the moving train effect comes to mind, as well as half the bulbs in the pre-show room being broken this year to name a couple of examples). If Thorpe truly believe this attraction is the future for theme parks and want it to be successful with the overall public opinion, they should aim to ensure the bar is set to a higher level, whether it's through more reliable technology, working effects, better operations and greater variety offered through the VR headsets etc. For a paying customer to be sold on the idea this is the park's biggest investment which is a psychologically thrilling experience, only to find several broken effects, glitchy VR headsets and questionable consistency is inexcusable for a multi-billion quid company and a £13M+ ride. I know I bash DBGT an awful lot, but that's because I want it to get better and still don't believe it's being used to it's full potential. To see rewards like this being given out to it which in my honest opinion doesn't deserve, especially storytelling-wise, it's as though there's some form of denial with Merlin in accepting this investment has not lived up to the promises and standards they made it out to be. Overall feedback from the public backs this claim up. Hoping one day I try it everything works as intended, but I've yet to experience that once... 30+ rides later...
  8. Merlin Entertainments

    Missed that bit. Thanks for correcting me! 😊
  9. Merlin Entertainments

    This change is purely nothing more than another incentive by Merlin to try and push more people to buy the more expensive premium/VIP passes, simple as. The fact there's no price rise for the standard pass (for the time being) means I'm fine with this change, even though it's not a desirable one. But I can't blame people being disappointed by this, especially for big families. The big issue I see building up is when people are paying more money for the other passes next year, the value-for-money expectation levels are naturally going to increase further from these customers. If further compromises on opening hours, ride availability and other factors occur across all the parks next year, some may question what are they paying extra for besides from SW8, which for the moment is the only proper new investment for 2018? I know I would.
  10. New for 2018

    If it does turn out to be true and the park are considering having The Walking Dead maze(s) open year-round, maybe I'm looking at this wrong, but wouldn't that devalue the need to attend Fright Nights a little, especially now that the franchise are involved in an annual event? If you exclude Living Nightmare as a Fright Nights only attraction from next year onwards, what exclusivity is there left for Fright Nights other than Big Top and Platform 15, both of which aren't sponsored by AMC in the first place? It seems both bizarre and unlikely to me that's going to happen unless a new maze is going to fit somewhere else in the park or replace either one of Platform 15, Saw Alive or heaven forbid Big Top. Not fussed about Slammer being removed since it's not returning. All I ask is please build something decent there Thorpe at some point. Don't do a Ripsaw and build another inflatable HB Leisure stall, we have had enough of them thanks. At this stage, I've given up on Loggers Leap and not expecting it to return again. Even if there is work taking place on it right now this winter or next year, I still can't see it returning. Why would it have taken two entire seasons to finally get round to it? That should have been a bigger priority for the park than getting AMC involved in Fright Nights. X's removal I still have doubts will happen because it would be one of the silliest decisions I have seen the park make since they thought building Storm Surge was a good idea back in 2011. Why do it now? It's old yes, it's tatty yes, it's dated yes, but it still serves a purpose with those between the 1m - 1.3m height bracket and removing it would alienate this market further with no viable alternative coaster in the park except for Flying Fish for crying out loud. A replacement coaster for X or a complete theme overhaul targeted for this market however would be very welcome. And as for Swarm VR, the less said the better. Thorpe, you temporarily ruined it between 2013-2015 with brave-it-backwards, don't do it again please.
  11. TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    I'll be down as a maybe for the moment please. It all depends on whether I can find a solution to put my bags somewhere for the day due to flights the next morning at 6am from Gatwick. Edit (11/11): I'm in now. All sorted!
  12. Park Music

    Really glad this countdown audio has been released because unless you were directly underneath or near the screen, it's a little hard to hear from the back of the plaza area near the old ticket booths. A nice touch to start the day for guests which sounds great and is definitely welcome! For those who haven't seen the video yet since I believe it was only rolled out some time in late September and only plays bang on 10am every morning, here it is from a distance I captured accompanied with the audio released yesterday waiting for the gates to open on the first weekend of Fright Nights: (I know the quality of my editing and filming isn't great here, but it's the best I could get that day with just one attempt!)
  13. New for 2018

    Should've worded that a little better because what I meant by feedback-wise wasn't the popularity of the attraction, but the general opinion and impressions from the public, because lets be honest, none of those attractions mentioned have had an overwhelming positive response since they debuted: • Sub-Terra was awful when it opened and after some adjustments still provided mixed opinion. • Saw Alive might look all pretty but has remained unchanged and doesn't deliver the scares or promise of being the "world's most extreme live-action horror maze". • I'm a Celeb is identical to Saw Alive - looks pretty inside but that's as far as it goes. The rest is abysmal. • Derren Brown's Ghost Train is the most overhyped and unreliable white elephant in the park's history, operated appallingly during it's opening year and still has an endless stream of cost and reliability issues today. The fact most, if not all the park's flat rides still draw big queues and positive opinion with guests all these years later should tell the park something. Not only would a newer flat/thrill ride be more sustainable in the long-term, but I'm certain feedback would be a lot higher for it. For instance, I can picture the perfect replacement for Slammer which would undoubtedly make it the best flat ride in the park if built, but it's sadly never going to happen, which is why I find it frustrating the priority for a few years now has been to ensure any new attraction is a world first, have an IP and be very marketable. Forget building a superb killer thrill ride, just as long as whatever comes along is marketable, that's all that matters now.
  14. New for 2018

    So just in case Saw Alive, Nemesis Sub-Terra, I'm a Celeb and Derren Brown's Ghost Train weren't big enough indicators that actor-dependant, year-round attractions simply do not work for Merlin cost, staffing & feedback-wise, there's speculation about yet another one being added for 2018 which honestly was mediocre at best and technically can't be classed as new after this year's Fright Nights? Give me a break.
  15. X

    For a park which just these last few months has brought in flat rides to Old Town which appeals to the younger ones to compensate for the loss of Loggers Leap, Canada Creek Railway and the Octopus Garden in the last decade, it would be very strange to reduce the lineup again for this market which is why I find it's speculated removal hard to believe. X might be a bit old and tatty these days, but it still appeals to familes and kids as small as 1m tall which still draws large queues. Further improvements made to it instead of removing it altogether would make more sense at the moment. Until a good family ride comes along to replace either X, Slammer or Loggers Leap, seeing more closures for next year with undoubtedly another entry price rise is the last thing that should be considered.