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  1. I saw this at Coasterforce; a guy from Merlin Magic Making posted a photo to Instagram of himself sitting in a prototype Vekoma Flyer Now of course, it could easily go to another Merlin park there, and I can't necessarily see it going to Thorpe judging by their lineup, but I'm just throwing a bit of speculation out there (speculation doesen't hurt, does it? )
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    Couldn’t really decide wether this belonged in The RCT3 Forum/Topic or this, but due to the fact that this has more activity in it, I’m going to post it here. Anyway, I found this hillarious video, and I just had to share it xD
  3. I know, that this is a very unpopular opinion, but I didn’t find Juvelen enjoyable at all. Your thighs are literally crushed during the banked turns, it provides little to no airtime (at least, that was what it felt like, when I rode it last year; maybe I just got a bad ride, idk) and I find the layout on these kind of coasters very boring. Piraten was astounding, though – by far the best ride in the park
  4. While I do agree with you on that, I still think that building one in Europe or even The Americas would be great, as people who can’t afford to travel long distances can get the chance to ride one. Of course, there’s plenty of other forms of water coasters, that I would prefer over an Aquatrax, but judging by the rarity of the type and Energylandia’s lineup, I think that it would be a great investment for the park
  5. The funny/sad thing about me is, when I was smaller, I was scared s***less of coasters (even though I was a huge coaster enthusiast). Even to the point where I didn’t have the courage to try small and fun rides like X, Zodiac and even Depth Charge; I was a real scaredy-cat to say the least . This period was from about 2009-2016, and in all my lifetime, I’ve only visited Thorpe two times; once in 2013 and once in 2014. Both times I was there, I only rode one of the big five (Colossus), and looking back at it today, I am so god damn furious with myself for being such a chicken at the time. My first ride there was Storm Surge, and given the fact that I was so scared of almost every ride there (except the kiddie ones, of course), and I felt like an unbeatable champion just by riding a mild-thrilling ride, I found Storm Surge to be a really fun experience (I’m not saying that it’s mild-thrilling, as I’d probably be bored out of my mind if I rode it today). I absolutely agree with you guys on the fact, that it stands in a terrible location and blocks the otherwise beauty of Amity, but yes, Stormy was my first
  6. I’m going to Energylandia this summer, and I just cannot wait to ride Hyperion and Speed. The space theming looks nice, and like Baron said earlier, I really hope, that they can pull it off. Speaking about their other planned coasters for the near future, I would actually love to see an Intamin Aquatrax, as I’ve never ridden one before. As I’m reading through all the posts right now, I’m actually kinda sad in a way, since I’ll now have to visit the park twice to get a ride on the upcoming RMC and their other coasters . If you guys would like, I’d be more than happy to take a couple of pics from my trip and post them on here
  7. I’ve always been a hardcore Saw fan, and I absolutely couldn’t wait to go to the movies and watch it after almost eight years of waiting. Me and my dad went the other day, and we were NOT disappointed to say the least. It’s not the best in the franchise, that I gotta admit, but it was probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. The twist at the end took me by surprise, and I almost knew that there would be one, given the fact that the Saw franchise are basically famous for their twist endings; this was certaintly no exception. For all the people in this forum that haven’t seen it yet; it’s an awesome movie, at least in my opinion, that is. Of course, I had my fair share of questions when it was over, but as I analyzed it in my head the day after, I actually managed to set all pieces together one by one, and it actually ended up making sense (you can say I made my own Jigsaw puzzle, haha). So long story short, I would definitely recommend it. Once you become a part of Jigsaw’s games, there’s no turning back. I’ve already begun to pray for a 9th movie
  8. I absolutely hate it, when people chew with their mouths open. I know, that it's a common pet peeve, but I literally can't stand it. One thing I also absolutely hate, is when someone makes annoying and unnecessary noises with their mouths like clicking noises or beatboxing. Every time someones comes up close to me and starts cleaning their throat, coughing, make spitting noises etc., I politely tell them to stop it or go away, but the inside of me just wants to give them a huge punch right in the face xD People who take advantage of diagnoses ("I can't do this, because I have ADHD", "I can't make this simple math test, because I have autism", "I need to shout in class and ruin the lesson for everyone else, because I have ADD ect.) also really pisses me off. Like, don't use your diagnoses as an excuse for not doing s**t. I don't know why, but it just really grinds my gears
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