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I solemnly swear there was some discussion on Hagrid’s Bike here, but that may have been in another thread and Towerstreet. Probably both.


It’s early days on this new project but I’m glad but not surprised they are getting a third gate (fourth if you count the Volcano water park). 


Nintendo areas imminent and the others sound guessable too. I guess they could do a Jurassic world area here as the Jurassic Park area will be in the other parks. 


I’m not holding off for this because I’ve never been to Orlando!

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Spreading this video for awareness of idiots.

Few of my favorites:


- Still allowing fans to do photo opportunities.

- If you don't like the mask take it off to have a drink, as you can't drink with a mask on.

- Not happy about wearing a face mask.

- ALSO CONFIRMED HHN is going ahead, despite no source.

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Glad to see the attractions are slowly reopening segments (albeit with restrictions and limitations). Just got to hope these all go to plan and don’t get breached.


As far as current developments go, construction of (yet to be announced) Jurassic Park coaster are still going ahead, although we are yet to know when the park’s worst kept secret actually opens.


Construction of Epic Universe on the other hand has been delayed for the foreseeable future, so we could be waiting many more years if this development is even still going ahead.


The parks can currently submit reopening plans to the state governor, although reopening likely won’t happen until July most likely.

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Universal Orlando and Hollywood have announced that Halloween horror nights is going to be completely cancelled this year.


Good decision I think as the future is still really uncertain and is better announcing this now than nearer the time, they have confirmed it'll be back for next year.

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Looks Incredible


There doesn’t seem to be a huge number of rides in the park, but what’s there looks like it could be absolutely amazing.

Great to see a duelling coaster returning too! 


Universal are really putting the pressure on Disney now aren’t they.


Can you imagine in a few years time we get a similar trailer for the UK’s universal? A park like this will really shake things up here.

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One would suggest that there's room for expansion. IOA didn't open with a massive number of attractions.


Besides that, I feel that Universal are now leaning into experience park with rides as a bonus. The way in which they've pushed this "portal" entranceway (although I fear for exit policies) to make each area completely immersive shows this is at the forefront.


Will be incredibly boring with the Universal and Disney fans pissing contest though. 

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