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More information released! 


  • Krakatau: The 200-foot volcano, Krakatau, will be home to the unannounced marquee attraction and three body slides at the rear of the volcano with surprise doors that drop guests down into the slide. One of the body slides, Ko'okiri Body Plunge, is a 70-degree drop that sends guests down 125-feet through the center of the volcano and through a guest pool. The other two body slides, the Kala and Ta Nui Serpentine Body Slides, are two intertwining slides where guests will race along 124 feet of twists and turns. In addition, the area will have Punga Racers, "a high-speed race through four different enclosed slides featuring manta-shaped mats."
  • Wave Village: Located at the base of Krakatau will be the Waturi Beach, a multi-directional wave pool with a sand beach and private one- or two-story cabanas. In addition, The Reef, is a leisure pool where guests get a view of those brave enough to ride the body slides.
  • River Village: The calming, lazy river-style portion of the park includes the Kopiko Wai Winding River that passes though the caves of the volcano, which features water effects and nighttime lighting; Tot Tiki Reef, a play area for toddlers with slides and a kid-size volcano; Runamukka Reef, a three-story water playground with slides and sprinklers; Honu, a multi-passenger raft ride with two giant slope walls; and Ika Moana, another multi-passenger raft ride that will glide along bubble geysers.
  • Rainforest Village: A part of the water park based on thrills like Maku, North America's first "saucer ride" that has raft riders "speeding around three saucer-shaped curves;" Puihi, another multi-passenger raft ride that will take guests into a dark area with a zero-gravity drop; Ohyah and Ohno Drop Slides, two twisting slides that will launch guests four and six feet above the water at the end; TeAwa The Fearless River, a racing torrent, whitewater rapids river where guests can hang onto inner tubes; Taniwha Tubes, four EasterIsland-inspired slides; and Puka Uli Lagoon, a relaxing pool area.
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18 minutes ago, pluk said:


Is there a version of this available in English? 

I think they mean:

Despicable Me announced to be replacing Back To The Future at Universal Studios Japan and an announcement at Universal Studios Hollywood at 7:30am there time (so in an hour or so) most likely to be Secret Lift of Pets.

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As soon as a ride starts testing it has a chance for soft opening, however because of soft openings nature there is no garuantee when they'll be or for how long.. You could be right at the front of the queue and they say that softs over, and remove you, or they could just not open it at all. 

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Update time!


New Hulk staff uniform posted on Orlando Informer.


New locker system using park tickets instead of fingerprints (like the system used on Arthur at Europa)


A look inside the now undercover extended queue.


Big boy seats added to front and back row.


Still no sign of an opening for this even though it is testing non stop basically. It is just queue work to go. Kong also has no opening, although everywhere is being advertised as open. It is still in technicals but has been open for almost the whole day every day now so yeah. Guess that's a safe bet. The media event is now assumed to be whenever Kong's is since Uni didn't want to hold it as originally planned, which would have been a few days after the Pulse incident in which Universal lost several cast members. A good tribute single has been released, slightly off topic but yeah. Proceeds go to  Equality Florida Pulse Victims Fund, the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida, and GLAAD.

Best wished to all those affected.



Studios has a new stand out structure though.


Taller than the lighthouse! Plus the volcano, they're really pumping out a skyline.


Secret Life of Pets: Apparently, for this to arrive in Orlando as a ride the film has to hit a certain box office number. No idea what number that is. Hollywood's one has also gone a bit quiet even though construction has kinda started and someone from Comcast confirmed a ride was in the works. Add it to the worst kept secret list with Kong. 


Sixth hotel. It's happening, on the current resort. 600 rooms located tightly between Sapphire Falls and Cabana Bay. Will be the smallest hotel (only by 50 rooms compared to Hard Rock at 650). 

This proposed pedestrian circulation plan submitted (rotated to the proper geographic direction of the property) by Universal shows proposed walkways around the entire property. The red circle (added by Orlando Business Journal) shows what could be the location of the hotel just south of Sapphire Falls Resort, as well as two future water features to the south.

Red circle shows location and how the resort is going to look with VB and Sapphire Falls.


Trademark for the name "Aventura Hotel at Universal" was also found. Expect it to open summer next year along with VB. Room count on resort: Up to 7200 including this, still less than half what Comcast said it was aiming for. A lot more to come.


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Personally, I hated the fingerprint scanners. They seemed to never pick up mine or my families prints, and the glass over the scanner would get mirky from everyone touching it etc. So it always took longer to get something in or out the locker. I feel like the ticket system might make the whole operation a bit smoother! 

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11 hours ago, Jammy3112 said:

Personally, I hated the fingerprint scanners. They seemed to never pick up mine or my families prints, and the glass over the scanner would get mirky from everyone touching it etc. So it always took longer to get something in or out the locker. I feel like the ticket system might make the whole operation a bit smoother! 


Yeah thats most probably the reason. 


Just thought it may be annoying having to get out your park ticket rather than just using your finger, and then you'd have to take your park ticket with you on the ride which means it may get lost etc..

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Oddly enough I was at Islands of Adventure today and it's impossible to tell at the mo if any work is being done on Hulk, unless of course the focus is inside the building. Also Kong was closed today, although the technical rehearsal notice was still outside the entrance. Other than that I had a great day. Felt great as always riding Spiderman and let's just say nothing survived Ripsaw Falls in terms of dryness. :P


Speaking of Ripsaw Falls actually the throughput was absolutely dreadful. The queue was advertised as 60 minutes and it was just an absolute joke moving a few metres through the queue every 10 minutes...

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I think it is just the queue line they're really working on now. The lagoon is ready, splash effects added back in. Walls are down on the bridge. New nets up under the (I hope) blue temp ones. Entrance feature in place with signs, lockers, testing empty. Staff sighted in uniform. I don't know how much testing a new ride needs, but I still haven't heard anything about softs, cast member previews etc other than August. If it doesn't open while you're there, just admire it's gorgeousness ;)

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