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Hey Guys,As you can see we have a new forum skin that we're currently trialing, and we basically just want your feedback on it. We've hidden a lot of 'clutter' from posts, so everyone can focus on the discussion at hand. Also we've added "One Click Reporting", which makes reporting posts even easier, so we can have a more fun, and clean community. Search bar has been added to the top right, so there is no excuse not to search for existing topics!So let us know what you think, thanks!

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Looking very nice :) Nice change.But if your after improvememnts there are a few things IMO that could be improved.No 1) When I sign in I'm greeted with " Its great to see you master iskander" and because its quite long, " iskander" is written a line below the rest of it, and only half of my name is shown because the green box isn't big enough. (Hope that makes sense) Its very petty but thought I'd mention it.No 2) Been mentioned before by Tommy but I can't view my profile from the home page. And lastly, IMO the part in the topic where it says when the reply was posted blends in a bit too well with the background colour, so possibly get a slightly darker colour for that?But part from that its looking really nice, and you guys have done a great job with it!

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Font size has actually been made bigger. Odd :). And Quick Edit will be returning shortly, whilst we tweak it a little.

Not the font in the posts, they're moohassive now. The text which says like The Mania Hub Forums > Extra Bits > Site News and Announcements > Thorpe Park Mania > Feedback is different and smaller, much smaller. Annoying crap. It was the same on the preview you sent me.
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