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I think one of the main things people need to remember when comparing with ATA is:-1. ATA Has been around for eight years. It has a lot of pictures from the past and such. Because Thorpe is only really properly developed in the last few years its hard for us to have features such as that.2. Dan Ketteringham (and some of the team I believe) are very close with James Paulding the general manager (is that right.. meh close enough) so aare able to get close enough behind the scenes information and first hand info such as the Mutiny Bay retheme.3. The designer behind ATA works professionally around website designs. As far as I'm aware Phil doesn't. The website needs to evolve constantly to make sure it doesn't get outdated. That is what has happened with TPM and the rise in hits and popularity with visitors shows that whilst you may dislike what it is at the moment, it has become more well known than it has before.4. TPM whilst finished has a long way to go obviously. All the team knows this so hopefully over the next few months the fruits will start to bare so to speak. It has to be remembered that we don't spend all our lives doing this website. Marc works, Phill and Alex go to College. 5. I'm a wee bit confused about this over the top thing though.Thanks for the comments though guys. :o

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Okay, I'm not being funny but can you please notify us when you delete our posts, every time my post goes missing and its beggining to piss me off.

We're do that if you start losing the attitude with your posts. Your constant elitist attitude you show on here is beginning to piss me off.
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